Posted September 12th, 2019

What is HIAB Training?

HIAB or lorry mounted crane training as it can also be referred to teaches drivers how to load and offload goods from a vehicle that has a lorry mounted crane attached. The HIAB training here at 2 Start teaches students the core knowledge of operating a HIAB.

If you take a HIAB Course with 2 Start, you’ll be taught by an experienced professional who will do everything, they can to help you become a qualified HIAB operator

How Much Does HIAB Operator Training Cost?

Here at 2 Start we provide a number of HIAB courses such as HIAB ALLMI training. Each of our courses caters for different abilities whether you are a beginner to the world of HIAB or a seasoned pro.  Based on your previous HIAB experience and ability we have multiple courses at differing prices. Below are the HIAB training prices for our courses:

ALLMI Accredited

  • Novice Course = £700
  • Experienced Operator Course = £700
  • Refresher Course = £462

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All of these HIAB courses will help you work towards achieving your HIAB licence!

How Long Does Training Take?

Different HIAB courses take different amounts of time to complete, depending on which course you decide to choose.  Our Novice and Experienced Operator ITSSAR and ALLMI courses all take 2 days to complete, whereas our ITSSAR and ALLMI refresher courses both take 1 day to complete.

Do HIAB courses count towards CPC?

Unfortunately, HIAB operator training does not count towards your CPC.
Here is a link to the CPC courses that we provide:

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When Can I Complete my Training?

In order to complete any HGV training of any kind you need to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid car driving licence. If you hold both of these requirements then you are ready to get started with your HIAB operator training!

Where Can I Go for HIAB Crane Training?

2 Start are able to provide HIAB courses at any of our sites which are located in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing.
Looking for which site is closest to you? Check out the link below to see where our sites are located.

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What HIAB Attachments Can I Be Trained to Use?

Our Hiab courses will teach you how to operate the remote chest pack, brick grab and hook attachments.  We are able to tailor the training to suit your requirements.  Additionally, we are able to train at your own site, using your equipment.

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