Course introduction

Module 1 – General Introduction

The skills and knowledge of the operator often reflect on whether the use of lifting equipment is safe and efficient, which is prevalent for both the operator of the machine and those slinging the load.

The first step for any operator is to receive the correct training needed to complete their job and formal training in safe operating practices. The proper training along-with experience will ensure lifts can be carried out safely and following regulations.

Training is an ongoing process throughout the working life, meaning slingers/signallers and those using slinging equipment should always be familiar when moving from one type of lifting accessory to another and remain up to date with the industry.

Numerous accidents occur every year that involve the use of lifting equipment and associated slinging applications, which can all be categorised as operators receiving a lack of proper training to a high standard. It is vital that all operators receive a good standard of accredited training and that they put their training into place at all times.

The general introduction will be included within the first module of your slinger training and will give you an overview of the course, ALLMI, and why it is important that you receive the correct training.