The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) are the chartered body for professionals involved in the movement of goods and people, plus their associated supply chains.

CILT is a registered charity within the UK and focus on five distinct communities within logistics & freight movement, people mobility, planning in transport, operations, supply chain management, sustainability, and the global community.

Founded in 1919, CILT’s vision was to become a transport, logistics, operations and supply chain profession recognised and celebrated for its quality, expertise and value.

CILT offer exclusive member benefits, whether this be personal or corporate.

Anyone that is looking to train to become a transport manager or run a logistics business will need to consider and likely undertake the required training that is accredited by CILT at some point.

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As an accrediting body, CILT are helping those who are looking to obtain their road haulage/transport manager certification.

The core values that CILT aspire to deliver are

  • Informed
  • Influential
  • Inclusive
2 start celebrates pass rate for transport manager cpc

The accreditation provided by CILT through approved training providers is nationally recognised and sought after within the logistics sector. CILT ensure their standards are upheld internationally. This is done by ensuring that learning and development of students are consistent throughout many training providers.

In order to become accredited by the institute, 2 Start had to provide proof of suitable facilities. We also had to demonstrate that the instructors in question have the correct knowledge and experience to conduct the training necessary.