ALLMI are the trade association for the lorry loader industry. Founded in 1978, the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI) accrediting body is used to ensure dedicated training for students who need to become competent in Lorry loader crane (LLC) operations.

ALLMI are the most recognised organisation within the logistics industry in regards to lorry loader training and certification, as well as CSCS approved, meaning upon successful completion of an ALLMI accredited course, the bearer will be able to operate on a construction site.

As an operator of a loader crane, you must have received training, to ensure your competency of the equipment. Your employer must record any training or certification you have obtained as evidence of your competency.

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This shows that you are able to demonstrate safe and accurate use of all equipment/machinery within the workplace. It is expected that those who wish to ensure the safe operation of lorry loader cranes and machinery should undertake the appropriate training.

ALLMI are a nationally recognised accrediting body, who set the standards implemented by the governments Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and reputable companies.

Carrying a valid ALLMI operator card helps confirm that the valid card holder in question has been able to demonstrate a competent level of understanding to achieve the recognised operator certification within the lorry loader industry.

This card will state the categories the operator is qualified to use, and in some cases, up to what lengths.

Supporting companies who work in the lorry loader industry, ALLMI aid staff with the use of guidance documentation, as well as educational videos which cover aspects of the use of a lorry loader.

ALLMI have three core aims:

  • Promote the safe use of lorry loaders.
  • Ensure that the Association is involved in the formulation of any legislation which affects the industry’s interests.
  • Promote compliance with training requirements embodied in current legislation.

There is also documents which relate to operator competence, Pre-operational toolbox, and additional “strap down your loader crane” resources.

This accredited body is focussed for lorry loading types of training, which includes brick grab; hook and clamshell attachments.

2 Start provide ALLMI accredited training. You can become ALLMI certified and even receive an ID card. These cards are valid for five years.

Not only is 2 Start an accredited training provider, but all our HIAB ALLMI instructors are accredited themselves. To become a certified instructor, they had to successfully complete the ALLMI instructor course. Each ALLMI accredited instructor is audited yearly. This is so that each instructor is meeting the requirements for the provided training.

Other types of LLC (Lorry Loader Crane) attachments include

1.      Pallet forks

2.      Grapples

3.      Hydraulic rotators

4.      Weighing systems

5.      Multi coupling

6.      Brushes

7.      Earth drills

8.      Personnel baskets

9.      Hydraulic pumps

When becoming a member of ALLMI, you will have further access to all of their resources. This could include:

  • British Standards
  • Ground Conditions
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Safely using remote controls
  • Information for Sites

There is also documents which relate to operator competence, Pre-operational toolbox, and additional “strap down your loader crane” resources.

ALLMI accreditation is focussed for lorry loading types of training.

Our HIAB training is ALLMI accredited, which includes our brick grab; hook and clamshell attachments. You can become certified and even receive an ID card. These cards are valid for five years.

The attachments included for HIAB training are:

While there are a wide range of attachments available for lorry loader cranes, ALLMI courses cater for the majority.

Depending on your experience, you may want to look at completing lorry loader crane refresher training under ALLMI accreditation. Or, perhaps you wish to complete experienced operator training under the ALLMI accredited body.

To ensure that training providers under the ALLMI accreditation are providing the set standard of training, they are subjected to audits, whether this be scheduled or not. These audits conducted by an ALLMI representative ensure all training is in line with the ALLMI code of practice.

2 Start have been an ALLMI accredited training provider since 2016 and you can verify 2 Start ALLMI accredited certification within ALLMI’s verified training providers section on their website.

You can also verify a card via the ALLMI website.