The UK economy has suffered and many businesses have closed or scaled back. This means, sadly that many people have been made redundant from jobs and forced back into the job market. During this unsettling time, this can cause panic, stress and a whole lot of worry. However this could be the ideal time for you to rethink your career and pursue one in the logistics industry. The demand for HGV drivers and warehouse staff is expected to increase with the easing of lockdown measures, with online shopping increasing by 129% across the UK and Europe in recent months.

2 Start Training offer a wide range of logistics driver training courses from HGV, Forklift, Bus and Ambulance driver training courses. We also offer a great range of payment options, from paying upfront, pay as you go, or paying a deposit and paying the balance nearer the time of your training. Just get in touch with us and our friendly team can see what options will work for you. Don’t forget, we also price match like for like courses.

Pay A Deposit

Pay a deposit

Driver Training courses can often cost a lot of money upfront before even stepping foot in a vehicle. We offer the option to pay a deposit on your course, with the option to pay the balance interest-free 1 week before commencing your course.

Pay as You Go

Pay as you go

Meaning you pay for as much as you can afford and when you can afford it. For instance you can purchase your medical and theory tests, then wait and save a while and then pay for a block of practical lessons, then pay for your test.

Get in Touch

2 Start Training is a well-established driver training organisation, established in November 2008. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers, the majority of whom now enjoy a career in the logistics industry.