A not-for-profit organisation, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) are an accrediting body that is setup to enforce legislations, as well as being for operators and promoting the safe and effective use of Powered access equipment worldwide.

Founded in 1983, IPAF strive to reiterate to all who use their accreditation how the authoritativeness of their training is the difference between safe use, and complacency.

Their Objectives Include

  • Promoting and extending the usage of Members products at a world-wide basis.
  • Encourage the highest standards of safety and good
  • Encourage technical efficiency in the industry.
IPAF Member Logo

The organisation are defined by safety promotion; safety development; technical advice (where fit) and promoting the powered access industry.

A voluntary group are also aiding those to adhere to company standards. This is as well as furthering and altering the accreditation accordingly when needed.

They also have a training committee, where they review issues which may be related to course content, training materials and training requirements. This helps to keep all training up to date and relevant.

Becoming a member gives you access to practical information. Joining IPAF will also give you the opportunity to influence legislations and regulations within the community.

The body help provide safety initiatives and training programs, which 2 Start also provide through their accredited courses.

Not only this, but IPAF have introduced an International Safety Committee. This has been created to aid in “…globalising standards…and promoting awareness about industry safe practice. “

Successful trainees are awarded the EPAL Card (Electronic Powered Access Licence). This is the most widely held and recognised proof of quality-assured training for platform operators in the world.

Valid up to 5-years, the EPAL card will show employers that you have completed the necessary training. This will also show that you are deemed safe to operate on MEWPs.

2 Start are one of the 750 approved IPAF training centres. Training is provided at our Southampton & Worthing depots.

The types of equipment include

If needed, you can also find out everything you need to know about IPAF training courses on our blog.