3B Driving

Once you complete the 3a offroad exercise, you will then be expected to complete the 3b driving test.

This part is a practical real-life driving, where you will be driving among other road users and deal with real life situations.

The examiner will be testing how you use the vehicle. This is including controls, dealing with hazards, and how you pull away. Pulling away will further depend on the incline or angle.

You will complete on road driving with your instructor. They will go through the different types of situations you may face in your test.

The 3b test is typically made up of 3 key factors

Vehicle Questions

Before and during the driving, you will be expected to successfully answer approximately 5 vehicle questions. Commonly known as “show me” and “tell me” questions. The question will differ for each student, as there is a large number of questions that can be asked.

There are sources online which provides a list of the safety questions which you could be asked.

Independent Driving

You will drive for approximately 10 minutes independently.

The point of the independent driving is that you can show the examiner that you can drive safely. This is also a way for you to further build your confidence, as you will not be given guidance. You will be expected to follow road signs and directions.

If you miss a road sign or go the wrong way, don’t panic. You will always be able to get back on track. This would show that you are able to handle these situations in a calm way.

Controlled Stops

This next part of the test will show that you can safely stop and pull away. You will be expected to stop and park on the left-hand side. This is where you must show that you are indicating, using your mirrors and moving at a good pace.

Post Test

Once you complete the 3b driving and return to the test centre or depot, the examiner will give you feedback on your test. It is always best to listen to each point, as even if you pass, you may have still made some mistakes, so it is always best to rectify these.

If you do not pass, the examiner will tell you why. They will also tell you what faults you had. Remember, don’t feel disheartened. These comments will help you to change these faults in your driving habits. You must also wait at least 3 working days before you can retake your test.