B+E accreditation demonstrates the National Register of Instructors (NRI’s) commitment to high-quality and professional trailer training. This is in relation to car and trailer training.

To become B+E accredited, there is a criterion that 2 start adhere to. The NRI is also an accrediting body to the Trailer Training Accreditation Service (TTAS). This list of criteria is in place to ensure consistent training standards throughout the country. Also, the national syllabus must be adhered to, and the assessments are to an applicable standard provided by the Driver Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA).

NRI car and trailer BandE Accrediting body

The criteria to be an NRI car and trailer accredited training provider includes

  • Risk Assessments
  • Premises used to train
  • Vehicles & trailers
  • Training activity report
  • B+E assessment
  • Fire and Emergency evacuation procedures
  • DVSA training syllabus
  • Certification of trainees

The NRI car and trailer accredited syllabus is designed so that on successful training completion, drivers can discuss and demonstrate 12 aspects of driving whilst towing a trailer with a category B vehicle.

Although obtaining your B+E (car and trailer) licence is no longer a legal requirement, it is still vital that you still carry out training. This is to help familiarise yourself with towing a trailer attachment. Furthermore, this is due to the manoeuvres a driver may be expected to complete. They can be difficult to complete without the appropriate training.

Training with a NRI B+E certified provider like 2 Start will help a learner gain the skills and knowledge to operate a car with a towing attachment safely.

To become an NRI B+E accredited training centre, 2 Start had to show that they could provide the training vehicles and trailers needed. We also had to provide a suitable off-road area to complete reversing manoeuvres. 2 Start have five off-road areas where reversing manoeuvres can be completed for car & trailer training.

Car and trailer (B+E) courses are supplied by 2 Start, these include the following courses.

The outlined syllabus is for the trainers as well as the trainees.

2 Start Training are one of a few B+E accredited training providers.