Theory Tests

Hazard Perception Theory Test

There are two parts to completing your HGV theory tests, which involve completing your Multiple-Choice test and then going on to complete your Hazard Perception theory test.


Those completing their Multiple-Choice test will need to score 85/100 to successfully pass.

Product level details.

Your CPC theory test consists of 2 parts, which you can complete in any order. The two sections include the Multiple-Choice test, which will take candidates an hour and 55 minutes to complete and consists of 100 questions. In order to be successful, you will need to meet or surpass 85% in order to pass. The Hazard Perception contains 19 video clips with 20 hazards for you to identify, this will require candidates to get 67% to pass. These tests must be completed within 2 years of each other.

The learner will also have to work through 7 case studies on a computer, the test will last for an hour and 55 minutes, and the learner must achieve 80% to pass. The case studies are scenario-based questions, which have been developed by industry experts and will be based on experiences a driver is likely to have/come across. You must answer 6-8 multiple choice questions on the 7 case studies. This will be valid for 2 years, and you must complete your Driver CPC Module 4 practical demonstration within this time.