Introduction to the equipment

Module 3 – Introduction to the equipment

Module 3 will give you an introduction to the equipment that you will be using when completing your slinging operations.

Every sling should have its Working Load Limit (WLL) and Safe Working Load (SWL) marked upon it, with this information needing to be referred to before use. The Working Load Limit is the maximum mass that the equipment is designed to raise, lower or suspend under ideal conditions. The Safe Working Load is the maximum mass as assessed by a competent person, which an item of equipment may raise, lower or suspend under the particular service conditions.

The WLL and SWL are both in place to ensure that no aspect of the sling is overloaded at any time.

Furthermore, this module will cover a number of aspects such as:

  • Leg Angles
  • Sling Configurations

It is also important to remember that under LOLER all slings should be ‘thoroughly examined at least every 6 months and a record of these inspections should be kept’.