IPAF Combined Static 1b/Vertical 3a/Mobile Boom 3b Operator Training




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IPAF accredited course instructing an operator to prepare and safely operate Static Boom 1, Mobile Boom 3b & Mobile Vertical 3a scissor lifts

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have awareness of the relevant Health & Safety Regulations
  • Be aware of accident prevention and control
  • Be able to identify the needs regarding personnel protection
  • Be aware of the need to refer to the operating manual
  • Be able to drive the MEWP safely and manoeuvre the machine as required, as well as correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a proper manner, inside and outside a building.


The course will consist of classroom based tutorials, demonstrations and practical and written tests.

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IPAF 1b – Static Boom (Vehicle or Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker)

IPAF 3a – Mobile Vertical (Scissor Lift)

IPAF 3b – Mobile Boom (Cherry Picker)

Here at 2 Start Training, we offer industry-leading tuition in order to help students obtain their IPAF Combined Static Vehicle or Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker 1b, Cherry Picker 3b & IPAF Scissor Lift 3a certification.

Our fully equipped, professional training facility and expert trainers mean you will train for your static boom (vehicle or trailer mounted cherry picker), mobile boom (cherry picker) & mobile vertical (scissor lift) operators powered access licence (PAL), in a dedicated learning environment.

At 2 Start Training, we know that certificates are not just pieces of paper. When you train for your certificates with us, we’ll cover everything you need to know to operate safely: the controls, alarms, restraint and fall arrest equipment, and emergency lowering procedures.

Whether you’re painting the ceiling on the inside of a building, or cleaning the windows on the outside of it, qualifying for static boom, cherry picker & scissor lift operators powered access licenses (PAL) with us means that you can work at height with the reassurance that you’ve been trained by the best. This course can be delivered at our Southampton and Worthing depot.  We are also able to give you the opportunity to complete this course at one of your sites, using your equipment.

Static Boom (Vehicle or Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker) 1b, Mobile Boom (Cherry Picker) 3b & Mobile Vertical (Scissor Lift) 3a Certification

Certificates are a legal requirement and employers are obliged to ensure employees are adequately trained, so our IPAF training programme teaches you all you need to know about the relevant legislation, and everything that’s involved in routine daily checks.

Trainees who gain their static boom 1b, cherry picker 3b & scissor lift 3a certificate receive an IPAF PAL (Powered Access Licence and photo) (electronic) identity card, so you know your qualifications are both comprehensive and compliant.  Our training courses are housed in spacious and modern training facilities, with expert IPAF instructors specialising in classroom instruction and practical demonstration.


IPAF is the International Powered Access Federation, and is the worldwide leading accrediting body for training in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and is recognised both nationally and internationally.


This course is available to be completed at our Southampton depot, where you will be trained by highly qualified instructors, on top-quality equipment.

Additionally, we are able to offer this course to be completed on one of your sites, using your equipment. If you wish for training to be completed using your facilities, there are a few requirements that you need to meet. You have to have: a training room that is suitable for the number of delegates completing the course and a sufficient amount of practical training room so that assessments and testing can be completed. Also, delegates will be required to wear PPE as per the company’s internal risk assessments.

Click the link to read our Facilities and Equipment Requirements Guide for more information on how you can complete training on your site. Facilities and Equipment Requirements Guide

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Excellent overall experience, totally professional trainers & service, recommended.


Great instructors, Great service, Great atmosphere ! Highly recommended !


A great school with friendly and experience staff. Good range of vehicles for HGV and FLT training. Nice rooms for classroom based training.


Why train with 2Start?

  • We are constantly investing in our fleet to ensure we continue to provide the best vehicles for our customers.
  • Fully Qualified on the National Register of LGV Instructors.
  • We have hundreds of happy previous customers and currently have a 4.9 rating on Google.
  • It’s easy to say that we are the ‘Premier Driving School’, but the proof is in the facilities offered and the results obtained by our students.

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