Practical application of signalling

Module 10 – Practical applications of Signalling

This Module will take what has been learnt in the theory session on signalling and applying it to practical scenarios.

While studying to become a Slinger Signaller, in your earlier Modules, you will have covered the theory of slinger signalling, now its time to put this theory into practice.

You will be asked to demonstrate a good understanding of the recommended crane signals, one of the practical aspects of this module will be to provide signals to your instructor to correctly and safely guide them to lift, and move an item from a start position, up and onto the bed of the lorry in a specific location as outlined by the instructor at the start of your practical session.

This is a fun training experience and will provide you with real-world practical training on how to correctly provide signals to, load, lift, manoeuvre and lay down the item(s) safely and in accordance with ALLMI’s guidelines while using the recommended crane signals to achieve this.

All students are provided with a copy of the ALLMI Slinger/Signaller Manual which outlines all the recommended crane signals you will be expected to know.