Pre-operational & post-operational checks

Module 4 – Pre-operational and post-operational checks

As outlined by the current regulations, the Slinger/Signaller has the duty and responsibility to ‘visually check all equipment before and after use, reporting any deterioration or faults found’.

All slinging equipment must be visually checked on each occasion prior to using and slinging the load. Additionally, if any defects/deteriorations are found, the equipment should be removed from use, and that management are informed of the issues. Any equipment that has been withdrawn, will need to be approved by a competent person before it can be used at a later date.

There are many requirements that need to be met and inspections that need to be carried out, with a variety of obstacles that need to be overcome. The types of checks that you need to carry out include:

  • Chain Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Round, Fibre Rope & Flat Webbing Slings
  • Lifting Beams, Spreaders, and Frames
  • Shackles & Eyebolts

There is a wide range of different checks and measurements that need to be completed on each component listed above, all of which need to be met to ensure the equipment is safe for use.

Other checks need to be completed, such as checking loads, weights, and working areas.