Module 2 Online Theory Revision

What does Theory MOD 2 involve?

Your CPC theory test consists of 2 parts, which you can complete in any order.

Module 2 is the ‘Case Study’ or theory part of the Driver CPC test (Initial Qualification) and it is conducted at the theory test centre,

The two sections include the Multiple-Choice test, which will take candidates an hour and 55 minutes to complete and consists of 100 questions. To be successful, you will need to meet or surpass 85% in order to pass.

The Hazard Perception contains 19 video clips with 20 hazards for you to identify, this will require candidates to get 67% to pass. These tests must be completed within 2 years of each other.

The learner will also have to work through 7 case studies on a computer, the test will last for an hour and 55 minutes, and the learner must achieve 80% to pass.

The case studies are scenario-based questions, which have been developed by industry experts and will be based on experiences a driver is likely to have/come across. You must answer 6-8 multiple choice questions on the 7 case studies. This will be valid for 2 years, and you must complete your Driver CPC Module 4 practical demonstration within this time.

Module 2 CPC is required by any drivers who:

  • Qualified for their LGV after 10th September 2009.
  • Qualified for their PCV after 10th September 2008.

Furthermore, drivers who passed:

  • Their car test before 1st January 1997 do not require the initial CPC for Large Goods Vehicles.
  • Their car test before 1st January 1997 do still require the initial CPC for Passenger Vehicles.

Where can you complete your MOD 2 training?

This course is available to book at our Portsmouth, Southampton and Reading depots.