Slinger Signaller

Module 1 – General Introduction

The skills and knowledge of the operator often reflect on whether the use of lifting equipment is safe and efficient, which is prevalent for both the operator of the machine and those slinging the load.

Module 2 - Legislation

Module 2 covers the legislation affecting lorry loaders, with emphasis on the role of the Slinger / Signaller. The Standards provide guidance on how to comply with the law.

Module 3 – Introduction to the equipment

Module 3 will give you an introduction to the equipment that you will be using when completing your slinging operations.

Module 4 – Pre-operational and post-operational checks

As outlined by the current regulations, the Slinger/Signaller has the duty and responsibility to ‘visually check all equipment before and after use, reporting any deterioration or faults found’.

Module 5 – Planning the Lift

It is vital that every lifting operation has been properly planned and appropriately supervised, a risk assessment has been carried out, and that the lift is completed in a safe and sensible manner.

Module 6 – Use of lifting accessories

The weight of any load should be confirmed before making a lift, and operators should never lift a load if the weight is unknown.

Module 7 – Storage and Maintenance

Equipment needs to be stored and maintained properly to ensure it remains safe to use and that its longevity is increased.

Module 8 – Signaller Duties and Signals

This module will cover the duties of a signaller, as well as the signals you would expect to see and will learn about in your training course.

Module 9 – Practical applications of Slinging

In Module 9 students will take what has been learnt in the theory session on slinging and applying it to practical scenarios.

Module 10 – Practical applications of Signalling

This Module will take what has been learnt in the theory session on signalling and applying it to practical scenarios.

Module 11 – Preparation for an assessment

This module is all about preparing students and supporting them with further revision on the areas both the student and instructor feel is needed.

Module 12 – Assessments

In Module 12 each student will undertake a final assessment that will demonstrate a student’s understanding and the ability for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the assessment.

Module 13 – Final administration and candidate feedback

This module is when the students & their instructor will prepare course paperwork for submission to ALLMI and an opportunity for students to provide feedback on different elements of the course.