Our Fleet

At 2 start, we take pride in all the equipment we use to train our students, especially our driver training vehicles in our fleet!

We give all our vehicles the upmost care. Find out about our fleet, which includes vehicle locations and vehicle specifications.

If you see any of our vehicles out and about, be sure to give them a wave!

Class 1 Vehicles

Our category C+E vehicles are used for Class 1 HGV training packages and courses. From an ultimate package, to a 14-hour course, we can cover various training requirements for our students.

HY19 DXE (T01)

Commonly known as Minty to many, our T01 is a DAF CF450 FT 2 axle class 1 HGV unit with a cartwright trailer.

Living at our Portsmouth depot, Minty enjoys long drives down the coast, and taking a scenic trip over Portsmouth’s local attraction, Portsdown hill.

Minty is a local favourite. Not only does minty support the “Pompey blue” colours, but also shows the great naval base heritage on its trailer.

HX18 ONO (T02)

This DAF CF 450 FT is typically referred to as Pinky. Another popular Class 1 HGV, Pinky resides with Minty at our Portsmouth depot. Pinky loves city driving, but prefers to stay as local as possible.

Pinky has been seen to sit at Portsmouth North Harbour cross roads. But Pinky typically loves completing coupling and uncoupling training with the students at the Portsmouth reversing facility.


YN66 SXZ (T03)

Our T03 2016 Mercedes Actros HGV typically travels between depots, as they just love seeing all the instructors!

This HGV loves helping students pass and gain their class 1 licence, and also takes pride in staying pristine white.

You will normally see this T03 taking long drives from Hampshire and Berkshire.

T16 HGV (T04)

The 2014 Daf CF 440 FT Class 1 HGV it prominent from the union Jack flag on the front of the unit. At our Worthing depot, this HGV has helped many students pass their class 1 HGV licence over the years.

T14 HGV (T05)

Our old reliable 2015 Daf CF 400 FT Class 1 HGV is a fan favourite for the Worthing depot, where this vehicle lives.

Although this is an older C+E, it still holds its own and functions as well as any newer model.

This orange HGV enjoys going out as much as possible. They also enjoy meeting new people who are looking to gain their class 1 licence.

HY70 BMV (T06)

We obtained the Gold FAC CF 450 FT in 2020. Living at our Reading depot, this HGV was designed early 2023. The colours make the vehicle eye catching to many road users.

HX67 VVU (T07)

Our blue 2017 Daf CF 440 FT Class 1 HGV rests at our Reading depot. One of our original vehicles, this C+E helps many students pass their class 1 test.

YN66 SYH (T08)

This 2016 Mercedes Actros lives at our Theale depot. A beautiful vehicle that can always been spotted around the Reading region.


The Ukraine Designed C+E likes to visit all the depots.

This vehicle was wrapped to show support in the Ukraine war efforts. The Ukraine colours can be spotted from afar when this C+E vehicle is driving across the south.


This mighty Mercedes Actros takes trips across all our depots. Although not designed, you can always see this C+E about and across the Hampshire and Berkshire areas.


This 2015 white Mercedes Actros resides with Pinky, Minty, and the rest of our team at Portsmouth.


This is our 2017 Mercedes Actros C+E. This class 1 vehicle typically moves from depot to depot, but is primarily at our Reading depot when it is taking a break from training.


Although the T15 isn’t used for training students, the Purple show truck has seen many places across the country.

From Truckfest, to giving a stellar entrance for Prom. This truck has been in the 2 Start family for many years. Manufactured in 2007, the DAF class 1 HGV steals the show for being the most outstanding designed vehicle in our fleet.

This HGV lives at our Reading depot.


This Reliant Red HGV lives with the team at Southampton. You can spot this C+E Vehicle in the Otterbourne area.


Our 2021 white IVECO AT440ST/P White C+E can typically be seen around the Southampton area. Taking drives through Southampton and Winchester, give this C+E a wave!.

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Class 2 Vehicles

Our Cat C vehicles help students gain their category C licence. Depending on the experience, we offer many levels of cat C training at our six training depots.


This rigid is situated at our Southampton depot. Designed to commemorate the fallen soldiers from the Great World War, this vehicle can be seen on the roads around the Winchester and Southampton area.


Our T19 Cat C is a 2017 DAF. Living at our Reading depot tis vehicle loves driving out and about the Reading area. This Cat C also loves seeing other road users!


This rigid is a 2015 DAF LF 220 FA. Living at our Theale depot, this Cat C vehicle enjoys travelling around the Reading area and seeing the sights of the South East England and Berkshire.


This 2015 DAF LF 220 FA is amongst the other vehicles at our Portsmouth depot.


Our T40 is paired with our T30, residing at our Portsmouth depot. This rigid is also one of our 2015 LF 220 FA vehicles.


Also seen at our Portsmouth depot, this is our 2021 DAF LF 230 FA category C rigid.


Our T50 category C HGV also resides with the rest of our team at our Reading depot.


Our class 2 T60 DAF LF 220 FA lives at our Southampton depot. You can see this rigid training our students around the Southampton region.


Cat C rigid DAF LF 230 FA is seen training at our Reading depot. Training completed in this category C vehicle can range from reversing techniques, to on road driving experience.


This 2017 DAF T70 lives at our Worthing depot.


This rigid HGV is a DAF LF 230 FA. You will see this HGV at our Worthing depot.


This IVECO TRAKKER AD380T45W is used for our lorry loader training. The IVECO is shared across all depots for lorry loader training courses.

This vehicle has the clamshell attachment.


This is our IVECO ML150E21K. Also used for HIAB lorry loader training, such as the brick grab and hook training. This IVECO is shared across depots. You may also see this HIAB lorry at other locations other than our depots, as you can complete our HIAB ALLMI training at your own site.

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Category B Vehicles

Our Category B vehicles are predominantly used for our Car and trailer training courses, as well as caravan towing training.


This Toyota Hilux lives with the team at our Worthing depot.

P200 NER

This 2012 Toyota Hilux pickups are shared across our depots.


This is our other shared Category B vehicle. This 2017 Hilux is the most recently manufactured vehicle out of the others.


This is another one of our shared category B 2016 Toyota Hilux vehicle.


The ford custom transit is our trusty mechanic van. Used predominantly by our inhouse mechanic, Aaron, this vehicle visits all depots, helping to tinker away and maintain the quality of all our vehicles.


The 2016 Vauxhall Vivario is our PASMA truck. Used to transport towers for training at other depots, or offsite. Although this vehicle is normally at our Portsmouth depot, it has been seen out and about.

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C1 Vehicles

Our C1 vehicles are used for 7.5 tonne driver training. Courses include ultimate, gold, silver and bronze packages. You can also book C1 and trailer courses, in order to drive a C1 vehicle with an additional trailer attachment.


This is our 5.2 tonne C1 van. The Iveco 50C15 is shared across our depots.

This vehicle is great to use when obtaining your C1 licence entitlement. You can also gain the C1+E entitlement.


This is our 7.5 tonne C1 van. This Iveco 50C15 is also shared across our depots.

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D1 Vehicles

D1 minibus training requires a passenger carrying vehicle. Our minibus training can also include a trailer attachment if needed.


The 4.6 tonne ford transit minibus is shared across our depots.

Although this is the only D1 vehicle at 2 Start, it is always out on the roads, helping students get their D1 entitlement.

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