SQA Audit passed with flying colours.

SQA Audit passed with flying colours

Established in 1997, The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) are a national accrediting body, that aims to “help people fulfil their potential and maintain standards across Scottish education.”

Although Scottish-based, SQA is a nationally recognised body and upholds the high training standards demanded by approved training organisations, this includes 2 Start Ltd.

As an accrediting body, SQA regularly conducts unannounced and announced audits of SQA-approved training providers to ensure the standards are being met with every course conducted.

SQA explain that the three values that define themselves are:

  • Progressive
  • Enabling
  • Trusted

These three core values are in place to provide all students the confidence in the standards being delivered by their chosen training provider, and that they will meet the exceptionally high levels demanded throughout their training.

While 2 Start receives regularly scheduled audits to check the standards are being met, 2 Start is also susceptible to random/unannounced internal checks and audits to make sure all of the student’s records are submitted correctly, accurately and in a timely manner.

In relation to Quality assurance, SQA has a strict process to ensure centres are “…delivering our qualifications and assessing candidates in line with national standards…”

These standards can include:

  • Ensuring the validity of assessment instruments
  • Verifying the reliability of assessment decisions
  • Verifying assessment instruments are in fact being used correctly and with the given intent
  • Verifying assessment instruments are being used in line with assessment specifications
  • Ensuring all appropriate resources are put in place to support the delivery of the qualification

This week (26th April 2023), SQA conducted an internal quality assurance check, which involves auditing all internal DGDT (Dangerous Goods Driver Training) database records submitted by 2 Start Ltd, to make sure they are accurate and up to date.

2 Start’s ADR training is the SQA-accredited course delivered by the company and provides their students with the Dangerous Goods Driver Training (DGDT) that must meet the standards set by SQA.

The report comments provided to 2 Start following the recent unannounced audit, reiterated good practice.

This included:

  • Present and up-to-date centre approval documentation
  • All course and exam timings reflect the course programmes
  • Appointee documentation is present and up to date

This is an amazing result and confirms 2 Starts’ dedication to ensuring the training provided is always of the highest standard.

This not only reinforces 2 Starts’ good practices, but it also helps reinforce trust and reliability from our students who pass through our doors every day.

This outcome is due to the sterling efforts of our team and Sales Director Daisy Udy, who religiously check, validate, and upload all the required supporting documents and details for every student, which is no easy task!

Well done team!

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