Practical driving tests resume!

Practical Tests During Covid

All DVSA test centres closed at the end of March as the country went into a nationwide lockdown because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Since then lockdown measured have continued to ease meaning DVSA have begun to open up their doors.

This news has meant that DVSA test are now able to take place with the first bookable slot being 13th July 2020. The testing process has been altered to ensure the safety of candidates taking the test and the staff involved in the testing procedure.

What to Expect When Completing Your Test


Each candidate must bring and wear a face-covering, if you do not have a face-covering there will be one provided for you. This must be worn for the whole duration of your test and must not be left on-site once you have finished.

This is a mandatory requirement, unless a valid reason not to wear a face-covering when booking a test is given which could include:

  • Physical or mental illness

  • Impairment or disability meaning you cannot put a face covering on

If you do not give a valid reason for not wearing a face covering and turn up for your test without on, the test will be cancelled.

Vehicle Hygiene

Before a test can begin the examiner must be satisfied that the cab and seating area has been recently and properly cleaned.

Waiting Room & Facilities

 Waiting rooms & toilets will be closed because of the social distancing measures that need to be met. However, toilets will only be accessible to those with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy.

Additionally, candidates and trainers shouldn’t arrive at the test centre more than 5 minutes early in order to comply with social distancing efforts.

Test & Trace

It is imperative that candidates agree to participate in the NHS Test & Trace system in order for your test to go ahead. You will be asked if you agree to take part in the Test & Trace system and if you are happy for your details to be passed on to the relevant authority.

If you do NOT agree to the Test & Trace system then your test will NOT go ahead.

Current Adjustments Continue

  • If candidates have clear symptoms of Coronavirus then the test will not go ahead.

  • If you become unwell or begin to continuously cough during your test, the test will be stopped.

  • Reversing and uncoupling manoeuvres will be done at the start of the test. The test will be stopped if you fail either of these manoeuvres.

  • If you commit a serious or dangerous fault or make 16 driver faults, you will be told to drive back to the test centre and the test will be ended.

It is important that if you’re showing symptoms of Coronavirus or if you are self-isolating that you do not attend your driving test.

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