Posted June 24th, 2021

PASMA Training, your complete beginner’s guide.

PASMA training covers a wide range of scaffold and mobile towers and if you are new to this sector, this can seem daunting. We will cover the following topics to help clear up some of the questions you may have:

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What is PASMA Training?

PASMA training is provided to students who require certification to show that they are competent to safely assemble, disassemble and manoeuvre mobile scaffold towers.

What is PASMA and what does it stand for?

PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association and is an organisation of industry experts. An authority on mobile scaffold towers, they provide and supervise the industry-standard training scheme.  PASMA is a not-for-profit organisation that regularly distributes safety-related knowledge, best practice information, and guidance throughout the industry.  You can find out more about them here: About PASMA

What do you do on a PASMA course?

People will often ask us what does PASMA training cover? Training is often conducted in groups of up to 12 students to 1 PASMA qualified instructor. Courses range from ½ day to a full day of training. Our PASMA courses start in the classroom, where your qualified instructor will take you through the relevant theory training. You will then be required to sit a short assessment; an 80% pass rate must be achieved before moving on to the practical part of the course. The practical will either be held inside our warehouse or outside, weather dependent.

You will be taught how to safely assemble, dismantle, and manoeuvre mobile scaffold towers. A debrief in the classroom will signal the end of the course.

Upon successful completion of both elements of the course, you will be awarded a PASMA Photocard and certificate.

What is a PASMA Ticket?

People will often ask what is a PASMA ticket or what is a PASMA certificate? The industry often refers to a PASMA certificate as a PASMA ticket, when in fact they are the same thing. Upon successful completion of a course at an accredited training centre, you will be provided with a PASMA certificate and Photocard. This will show employers that you are competent with using mobile access towers safely.

How long does PASMA training last?

All PASMA certificates last 5 years. After this time, you will need to sit a refresher course or a full course to renew your certification. It is important to ensure that training is refreshed as a lot can happen in 5 years, health and safety and regulations can change. Keeping up to date, not only keeps you safe but your colleagues safe also.

When is PASMA training required?

Often, we get asked if PASMA training is a legal requirement? The answer is no, it is not a legal requirement to work on a mobile access tower. However, employers will often request proof of training in the form of a certificate or ticket. This is not only to keep the user safe but others safe who are working around scaffold towers. Almost every building site in the UK will require a PASMA certificate before anyone is allowed to erect a scaffold.

Who needs PASMA training?

PASMA training is required for anyone that needs to assemble, dismantle, relocate, or use a mobile scaffold tower. Not only does our training cover health and safety for the person using the equipment it also covers the health and safety of others around the area of a scaffold tower. Roofers, electricians, signage installers, and builders are just some of the professions that require PASMA certification.

How much does PASMA training cost?

Training costs vary in price depending on the course you need certificates for. Our PASMA course prices start from £162.00. The cost of the certification is included in this price and all delegates will also be given A course content and note booklet and a current Code of Practice booklet.

What training course does 2 Start offer?

Our PASMA courses are held at our depots in Portsmouth, Southampton, Worthing, and Reading. We are also able to come and train at your site using your equipment or ours. We are a PASMA accredited centre, and our instructors are also accredited. We can provide the following training courses:

PASMA Low-Level Access – 1-Day
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PASMA Towers for Users – 1 Day
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PASMA Combined Towers for Users & PASMA Low-Level Access – 1-Day
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PASMA Work at Height Essentials Theory Course – ½ Day
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All our courses can be booked online. We hold courses at our various depots across the South Cost daily.
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On-Site PASMA training?

We can offer PASMA training on your site. We can bring our mobile scaffold towers to you, or we can use your equipment. We cover a large area of the South of England, with bases in Reading, Worthing, Southampton, and Portsmouth.

View our On-Site PASMA training options here:
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