Is it worth getting my UK HGV licence?

Is it worth getting my uk hgv licence
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Yes, it is most definitely still worth getting your HGV licence. Now more than ever is the ideal time to complete your HGV training and gain your licence, with the demand for HGV drivers in the UK growing at a rapid rate because of the emphasis on the national driver shortage.

Top reasons why you should gain your HGV licence

Increase in pay – There has been a large increase in the pay received by HGV drivers in the UK, with the BBC reporting that some drivers have seen as much as a 40% pay increase. *

Demand for drivers – The demand for drivers is as high as it has ever been, with the UK HGV driver shortage being highlighted in recent times with the national fuel shortage claims and the ever-present empty supermarket shelves.

You might be wondering why does the UK have such a huge shortage of lorry drivers? You can read our full article about the UK driver shortage and what is being done to solve it.

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Job security – As previously mentioned, there is extremely high demand for HGV drivers and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. A skilled, qualified, and compliant driver is highly sought after in the logistics industry currently, with no plans of slowing anytime soon, which is why it is important for you to complete your training with an accredited and nationally recognised HGV training company as soon as possible as the demand for training is high, spaces are limited and in some cases a waiting list, so our advice if you are considering a career in logistics is to book online early to avoid delay or disappointment.

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So, ‘is it still worth getting my UK HGV licence?’, the choice is yours but our answer is yes with career security and such high demand for skilled drivers, why not?. There are numerous reasons, such as the ones mentioned in this article, why it is most definitely worth obtaining your HGV licence. If you would like to discuss your options further or would some general advice, our team can help. Contact one of our training specialists today on 02392 123 555 to discuss your options.

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