How do I pass my minibus driving test?

How do I pass my minibus driving test
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Before completing your minibus training and gaining your PCV licence, there are a few things that you need to consider, which include:

  • How many passengers you’re planning on transporting?
  • Are you driving for a profit?
  • Do you already hold a Category B (car) licence?

For more information on the requirements for driving a minibus, how many passengers you can carry and if you need Drivers CPC. Read our full Minibus Restriction 101 article.

What is a PCV licence?

PCV stands for Passenger Carrying Vehicle, with the process for gaining your PCV licence being like gaining your HGV licence. There are two categories to a PCV licence which include:

  • Category D1/Minibus
  • Category D/bus

If you’re planning on driving either a minibus or a bus/coach, you will be required to complete PCV training to gain the required licence for the category of vehicle you want to drive.

Here at 2 Start Training, we have a wide range of Minibus D1 courses and Minibus with Trailer D1+E courses for you to choose from, with a variety of training dates available.

View all our D1 & D1+E training courses!

Although there are two categories to PCV training, we do not offer PCV CAT D bus/coach training.

How to pass my minibus driving test?

In order to obtain your Minibus D1 licence, there are a number of steps that you need to complete, such as:

Once you have completed all of these steps, you will now hold your PCV licence and will be able to legally drive a minibus.

You must remain compliant and complete any required CPC training.

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