Vocational licence 3A & 3B test modules have changed

Vocational licence 3A & 3B test modules have changed

November 15th, 2021, marks the date for change across multiple vehicle licence categories including HGV/LGV Class 2 & 1 Category C & C+E 3A & 3B.

The DVSA has decided to change who can now undertake the 3A part of the test.

This means passing the 3A & 3B HGV/LGV and Bus driver test to accredited and approved test centres and assessors.

This will release the DVSA examiners from the 3A part of the test. This will allow them to undertake more 3B tests per day.

Rising from conducting four 3B tests per day to five 3B practical tests per day.

What has changed?

From 15th November 2021 the DVSA has updated how 3A & 3B tests for HGV and bus drivers, the main changes include 2 parts.

  1. Approved training centres and accredited assessors are now able to undertake the reversing test for part 3A of the test.
  2. The 3B practical drive part of the test is still undertaken with a DVSA examiner but the duration of the 3B test has been extended from 50 minutes to 60 minutes.

What does this mean for you?

For any driver looking to obtain their HGV licence, they are required to complete the 3A & 3B tests with a successful pass. Before November 15th 2021, the 3A part of the test would be conducted under the observation of a DVSA approved examiner.

From November 15th 2021, accredited and approved training centres, along with approved assessors at the respective sites, will now be able to undertake the 3A test onsite with the students.

Upon receiving a successful pass for part 3A of the test, the student will then be able to progress and undertake the practical driving examination with a DVSA examiner for part 3B of the Class C or C+E test.

Why is this important?

Recent press coverage has discussed the HGV driver shortage across the UK. This includes the impact on the nation and distribution.

With the national HGV driver shortage, the government has reviewed the examination processes across multiple vehicle licence categories.

The decision was to allow approved test centres and assessors to provide 3a (off-road exercises) test for HGVs and bus drivers.

This change to the test process will provide DVSA examiners additional time to conduct more Driver CPC part 3B practical tests. This will increase from the current 4 tests per day to 5.

What does the 3A part of the test include?

Any driver looking to obtain their HGV/LGV or bus driving licence, they are required to complete a 3A & 3B test with a successful pass.

The 3a module of the test includes:

  • an ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay.
  • If taking the test with a trailer, show the uncoupling & recoupling procedure.

What does the 3B part of the test include?

The 3B part of the exam will still be undertaken by a DVSA examiner. The only change to the 3B module of the test is the practical driving duration.

The practical driving duration with a DVSA examiner will now be extended from 50 to 60 minutes.

What to do next?

To train for your 3a & 3b test with 2 Start at any one of our 3 approved training centres, which includes Portsmouth, Southampton and Reading currently, you can book online or call our team to discuss your options.

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