How much can I earn as a Transport Manager?

How much can I earn as a Transport Manager

Are you considering becoming a qualified Transport Manager and are wondering how much you could potentially earn with your new career?

This article will explain in more detail all the stages, responsibilities, qualifications and potential earnings involved with being a Transport Manager.

For more information on how to become a Transport Manager, click the link below to read our in-depth article!


In order to become a qualified Transport Manager, you will need to have attended and successfully passed a Transport Manager CPC training course. Here at 2 Start Ltd, we have a number of Road Haulage courses available which consist of:

  • 2-hour multi-format response exam.
  • 2.15-hour case study exam.

Those candidates who complete the full course will also be given a revision day in which they can complete past test papers, go through any final notes, and complete their final preparations for their exams.

What is the best course for logistics and supply chain?

Our Complete Road Haulage Course will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge that are needed to pass the examination process.

Our 2 Start Transport Manager training courses are CILT accredited training course and will show employers that you have a high standard of training and a widely recognised certification.

Additionally, we also provide home study courses where students can complete their learning and revision from the comfort of their own home, only needing to attend one of our depots to complete their exams.

What skills does a Logistics Manager need?

A good Logistics Manager needs to be able to plan ahead and work well in a team within a rapid and dynamic industry that can include sudden changes and circumstances.

Typical skills required in this area can include:

  • Good time-management.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Skills in data analysing.

How much can you earn as a Transport Manager?

Across the UK, the base salary for a Transport Manager is between £24,000 and £43,000 with the average salary being around £30,000. (1)

Additionally, there have been jobs on offer for a Transport Manager which pay up to £65,000. (2)

We have carried out numerous Transport Manager courses here at 2 Start Training, and we are dedicated to ensuring a high standard of training is provided.


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*All figures stated are correct at time of publishing, their sources have been cited and should be used for educational purposes only.

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