Do you want to start a career as an HGV driver?

Do you want to start a career as an HGV driver?

HGV Driving- The Requirements

In order to become an HGV driver, you need to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a full car driving licence
  • Have a certificate of professional competence
  • Have the correct HGV driver training & licencing

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits that come when becoming an HGV driver, some of these include:

  • A lot of firms offer competitive pay
  • You get to travel and see different cities and countries
  • There isn’t a shortage of jobs for lorry drivers, there are always products that need transporting.

What Routes are There?

It is important not to feel confined within the realms of your job, as an HGV driver you always have the ability to better yourself and continuously develop your skills. If you are a qualified HGV driver you can move into other areas of HGV driving such as:

  • ADR dangerous goods driving
  • HIAB, lorry mounted crane operator

What can you earn as an HGV driver?

Both of these categories are specialist areas within HGV driving and require extra training, which if acquired can open up a lot of doors to different kinds of jobs.

Additionally, you can look into becoming a transport manager which would involve overseeing all transport operations for your employer. A transport manager is involved in an array of tasks such as administrative duties like route planning. Alternatively, you may decide to become an HGV instructor, helping the next wave of lorry drivers to become qualified.

The salary of an HGV driver can vary depending on a number of reasons such as:

  • Depending on your employer
  • The experience you have
  • What you are transporting

How To Get a Higher Paid HGV Job

There are many contributing factors that will enable you to be successful in achieving higher-paid HGV driver jobs. One of the biggest factors is gaining experience. A lot of firms will look at the experience that you already have as an HGV driver before going any further, the more experience you have the better. This can mean that to get a foot on the ladder of the HGV world you need to complete a number of journeys before you can think about going for the higher paid jobs. However, it is important to remember that hard work pays off in the long run! So, stick to it and you’ll eventually be able to go for the more experienced jobs.

Other factors that are considered when applying for higher paid jobs are;

  • being reliable and on time
  • Having up-to-date HGV driver training
  • Having up-to-date CPC training
  • Ensure you have a good and positive attitude

All these factors will help you get a higher paid HGV job as it will show to the employer that you are dependable.

What Can 2 Start do for you?

Here at 2 Start Training, we provide a number of different HGV driving courses. The range of driver courses we provide allows us to cater to a number of different needs. If you choose to take one of our courses, our highly qualified instructors will give you all the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your test and start a career as an HGV driver. The HGV courses we provide are:

  • HGV Class 1
  • HGV Class 2
  • ADR training
  • HIAB training

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