IPAF smart PAL cards

IPAF PAL cards

Everyone who successfully completes one of our IPAF training courses is issued with an IPAF PAL (Powered Access Licence) card which is the official certification that is recognised worldwide. The PAL card is proof that you have completed an extensive, IPAF approved course and will show that you have the correct training required to work on elevated platforms.

All PAL cards that are given out by IPAF that are still valid are now smart cards. The introduction of smart PAL cards was brought in by IPAF to try and reduce levels of fraud and misuse by those who don’t have the proper qualifications.

Anyone who passes an IPAF training course is required to take a refresher course every 5 years, to maintain a competent level of skill and knowledge. This means that all PAL cards issued after 1st January 2015 will be smart cards and any cards issued before this date are no longer valid.

Smart cards use data chips, that can be read by equipment that requires IPAF training to operate, via a card reader that is fitted to the machine. This helps to ensure that only qualified personnel are able to operate MEWPs, which in return helps to increase site safety.  

Are you thinking of completing one of our IPAF courses?

What IPAF courses do we offer?

Thanks to our amazing facilities we have the capacity to run a number of different IPAF courses, our courses include:

  • 1b Static Boom Operator Training

  • 3a Mobile Vertical Operator Training

  • 3b Mobile Boom Operator Training

  • 1b, 3a & 3b Combined Course

  • 3a & 3b Combined Course

  • IPAF Harness Inspection & Safety

  • IPAF PAV Training

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