IPAF smart PAL cards

IPAF PAL cards

Physical PAL Cards

Everyone who successfully completes one of our International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) training courses will be issued an IPAF PAL (Powered Access Licence) card.

This card is the official certification, which is also recognised worldwide. The PAL card is proof that you have completed an extensive, IPAF approved course, as well as reinforcing that you have the correct training required to work on elevated platforms safely and securely.

Anyone who successfully completes an IPAF training course is required to take further refresher training every 5 years. This is so the  to maintain a competent level of skill and knowledge.

A PAL card must have the following features to ensure authenticity.

  • The front will show the cardholder’s name and photograph.
  • There will also be an expiry date
  • The machine categories the cardholder has been trained to operate will also be outlined
  • On the reverse side, there must be an IPAF logo that is printed as a hologram on the top left 
  • You must also look for the cardholder’s signature or training centre logo.

Smart PAL Cards

Since April 2021, all cards issued after 1st January 2015 are now digital smart PAL cards (now known as ePAL cards).

The introduction of smart ePAL cards was brought in by IPAF to try and reduce levels of fraud and misuse by those who don’t have the proper qualifications. All PAL cards that are given out by IPAF that are still valid are now smart cards.

The ePAL is accessible on the app store for IOS and Android.

It has been said that IPAF is “…committed to driving sustainable change in the industry. ePAL replaces the need for paper and plastic documents and licences, conveniently bringing them together in one place.”

Is your ePAL card valid?

There are some defining factors which helps many understand how a valid ePAL card should look. The digital card will encompass everything which appears on the front of the physical PAL card, and also include the FULL category names the card holder can operate.

You are able to verify a PAL card on the IPAF official website, titled Verify PAL Card

To use the verification tool supplied by the IPAF website, all you need to do is enter your licence number which is situated on the card. Once this is done, you will be also to see the date the cardholder was assessed, and the expiry date thereafter.

If you require more details, you can also click “more details.” This will open up a new window on your desktop or smart device. This will then require the cardholders date of birth, as well as completing verification.

If the details do in fact match the records on file for the cardholder in question, you will then be able to view the name, photo and machine categories the cardholder is trained to operate.

IPAF ePAL Operator Licence Card Mobile App Leaflet

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