What is Module 4 CPC?

What is Module 4 CPC

For those candidates who are looking to complete their Initial Driver CPC Qualification, there are two sections that need to be completed, being Module 2 and Module 4.

Mod 4 is a practical test where drivers must show various operations for a lorry driver, other than driving. The things that you can be tested on include safety loading the vehicle, prevention of trafficking illegal immigrants, emergency situation assessment, and a full vehicle safety check.


The test is 20-30 minutes in duration and will cover questions in the following:

  • Daily walk-around checks.
  • Ability to prevent physical risk.
  • Loading and security of loads.
  • Keeping the vehicle secure.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Loaded vehicle dynamics.
  • Border crossings.
  • Security procedures.

How much does MOD 4 CPC cost?

The Mod 4 courses that we offer here at 2 Start Training cost £320.00.

Drivers will need Module 4 CPC if they:

  • Qualified for their LGV after 10th September 2009.
  • Qualified for their PCV after 10th September 2008.

Additionally, those drivers who passed:

  • Their CAT B (car) test before 1st January 1997 do not require the initial CPC for Large Goods Vehicles.
  • Their CAT B (car) test before 1st January 1997 do still require the initial CPC for Passenger Vehicles.

Where can you complete MOD 4 training?

Our Mod 4 courses are available for you to complete at three of our training depots which include locations in Portsmouth, Southampton and Reading.


Do you have to go to a test centre for your MOD 4 CPC exam?

The answer is no, well not with 2 Start Ltd anyway – We have our own authorised DVSA approved assessors to conduct the CPC Training MOD 4 Assessments in house. 2 Start Training can now not only complete your module 4 training at any of our training centres, but now you will test from there too. This includes both LGV & PCV module 4 examinations. This one-day practical course, including a test, will give candidates the ability to discuss key issues relating to goods vehicle safety and demonstrate the practical skills required of professional LGV drivers, as per standards set by the DVSA

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