Strap Down Your Loader Crane!

Strap Down Your Loader Crane!
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ALLMI has recently launched their Strap Down Your Loader Crane! campaign to promote loader crane safety and to remind delegates of the potential consequences they could face if they don’t secure their loader crane properly.

This campaign has been introduced in response to a reported incident that could have had fatal consequences.

The Strap Down Your Loader Crane! campaign focuses on loader crane safety supplying delegates with many tips and resources that can help secure your loader crane correctly. Additionally, there is guidance on what is and what isn’t safe when traveling with a loader crane.

As outlined by ALLMI, “If a loader crane cannot be folded for travel, it should always be strapped down securely to the vehicle bed”, and failure to do so can lead to “uncontrolled slewing” as well as “the extremities of the vehicle being breached” which can cause damage of equipment and property as well as potential injuries or fatalities to delegates.

There could be potential criminal prosecution for drivers who fail to secure their loader crane, and it is the sole responsibility of the driver to ensure the load and any equipment are secured properly and stowed for travel, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For more information on how to secure your loader crane and to read more about ALLMI’s Strap Down your Loader Crane! campaign, visit their website!

Additionally, completing ALLMI accredited HIAB training will help give you working knowledge of loader cranes and teach you the correct techniques for safe use.

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