Posted July 26th, 2021

At the beginning of the year the DVSA announced proposals to allow drivers who pass a test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission vehicle to get the manual entitlement also.  If the vehicle used at test; car and trailer (B+E), medium-sized lorry (C1) and its trailer towing equivalent (C1+E), minibus (D1) and its trailer towing equivalent (D1+E) has a semi-automatic or automatic transmission, the driver would get both the automatic and manual entitlement for that sub-category if they already hold a manual entitlement for category B, C or D, or a subcategory thereof.

With over 1000 responses to the consultation and the overall reaction to the proposals positive, therefore, to implement the proposals, it will require amendments to current regulations and the DVSA and Government will seek to do this as soon as possible.

Find out more here: DVSA


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