DVSA Strive for paperless theory tests

As of the 28th of November 2022, those who complete their car, instructor, and examiner theory tests will receive their test results digitally via email. This could include anyone who completes one of our instructor training courses.

Currently, the digital test results you receive do NOT qualify as a test pass certificate and cannot be used as evidence that you have passed your theory test, however, this may change in the future.

This implementation is the next step the DVSA is taking to strive for making the theory tests paperless.

Those who complete a theory test for a motorcycle and vocational theory test will start to have their results sent digitally in “early 2023”.

Paper certificates are still being issued

Paper test pass certificates or statements of failure will continue to be given to candidates at the end of their tests as digital replacements are being considered and trialled.

It is currently a legal requirement to issue candidates with a paper test pass certificate or statement of failure after their test.

These changes are around the digitising of exam results and not the pass certificate.

What are your thoughts on the DVSA digitising the theory test results?
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