Top 5 benefits of hgv driver training

Are you looking to kickstart a career as an HGV driver? To obtain your HGV licence, you will need to complete an HGV driver training course to gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to operate an HGV on the road.

There are a whole host of benefits to completing HGV driver training, the top 5 of which will be discussed in this article and will hopefully give you the information and confidence you need to complete your training and gain your licence!

1. Increased safety & reduced risk

The first and arguably the most important benefit of driver training is the increased safety and reduced risk for drivers and other road users.

Completing HGV training will teach candidates the correct skills and procedures needed to drive an HGV on the road, as well as educate them on safe driving, all of which are factors that go a long way to preventing serious accidents and injuries from occurring while operating an HGV.

3. Less vehicle maintenance

Driver training will teach delegates the best practices to follow and adhere to when operating an HGV on the road. This will improve the level of your driving, reducing the strain and wear and tear on your vehicle, reducing the amount you will have to spend fixing issues such as:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Clutches

As well as damages that come from poor HGV driving, such as damages from potholes and bridge strikes.

gaining your hgv licence

2. Improved confidence

Confidence is a major aspect of any part of life, and being confident in your driving ability will allow you to feel more comfortable and calmer when operating an HGV.

To expect someone else or yourself to be able to jump into the cab on any HGV and drive it would be a similar experience to driving a spaceship, with a variety of factors needing to be considered, such as vehicle dimensions, weights, and stopping distances.

Completing an approved HGV training course and gaining your licence will teach you important aspects of HGV driving and give you the confidence to get out on the road.

4. Increase job opportunities

You may be asking yourself, what is the importance of HGV driver training?

If you are a new driver looking to get into the industry, it is important to complete a high standard of training to improve job opportunities and show employers you are qualified.

It is vital to pick your driver training provider carefully to give yourself the best chance at gaining your licence possible, so you need to determine which is the best HGV training school. A good indicator of which school you should choose can be shown through their facilities and training vehicles.

Here at 2 Start Training, we pride ourselves on the facilities that we have to offer, including:

  • our dedicated on-site reversing areas
  • automatic & air-conditioned vehicles
  • extremely qualified and experienced driver training instructors

5. Career progression

Once you have completed your HGV driver training, there is a wide range of new job progression opportunities that can become available to you.

A number of job roles first require you to obtain your HGV licence before you can progress, such as becoming an ADR driver.

Gaining your HGV licence and then completing ADR or HIAB training will further expand the number of job opportunities you get and will allow you to gain more money.

Overall, there are many benefits of being an HGV driver, the top 5 of which we have discussed in this article, and show that there is no better time to get into the logistics industry and kickstart your career.

There are many different HGV classes available, and we offer training on all categories of HGV driving, with a wide range of availability to choose from, as well as training locations in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading, Theale, and Worthing, covering the whole of Hampshire, Berkshire, and West Sussex.

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