The importance of Qualified LGV Instructors

National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI)

You would expect that only trained, professional, government approved instructors with years of driving experience would be able to become LGV and PCV driving instructors (car instructors have to be ADI qualified). However, you would be wrong, any person that has held a truck or bus driving licence for three years or more can teach new LGV or PCV drivers. In fact, a large number of LGV instructors are not included on the National Register of LGV Instructors.

Indeed, you may pass your driving test in a lorry, wait three years, never drive a truck and then set up your very own truck driver training school. So, don’t expect every driving school to provide an experienced competent instructor. 2 Start Ltd is serious about the training we offer to all of our students. Our LGV instructors are either working towards or are already qualified with the National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) and our forklift instructor/examiners registered with the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR).

How can I be sure my instructor is qualified?

You can check on the NRI website and also check to see if the company you are training with are registered with the NRI. Alternatively ask to see your instructor’s ID card.

HGV & LGV Instructor Training

Why don't all training providers have qualified instructors?

It could be down to cost, trying to train on the cheap. In all honesty, only they could answer that. However, they might say “it’s only voluntary so we don’t need it; all of our instructors have years of experience.” That could be correct but anyone could say that, plus if they have years of experience, why have they never got the qualification? One sure way to check to make sure you get an approved instructor is to check the register and the company.

You can find out more on our Instructor courses on our course page.

The National Register of Instructors is a register of highly trained driving instructors who have gone through a series of intense tests to improve their driving knowledge and skill. It is backed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and was made to help improve the level of LGV training as well as increase pass rates.

Additionally, the register was set up to track the standard of LGV training and ensure high standards don’t drop. You may have thought that all instructors would have to have a high level of qualification to teach LGV driving, however, this isn’t true at all. The minimum requirement for an instructor to teach LGV driving courses is to have had their LGV licence for at least 3 years.

Successfully qualifying will provide you with a recognised qualification. As well as being part of the register you will also receive an ID card and pass certificate. Passing this course will demonstrate that you have extensive knowledge of LGV driving and that you know how to instruct LGV driving properly. An advantage of this qualification if that you will be more qualified than other instructors who have not taken the course.

The NRI believe that by encouraging the high LGV instruction standards, assessment and mentoring will help improve driving standards and safety on the road.

2 Start aim to have all of their LGV instructors accredited by the NRI.

You can also train to become an accredited instructor by booking onto our National Register of LGV Instructors 5-day course.

2 Start also supply a Re-registration course.

Upon completion of the training, your accreditation will be valid for five-years. You will receive an ID card and certificate.

You can check the register for our accredited instructors

Benefits of Being Taught By an Accredited Instructors

It will give you peace of mind that you are being taught to the highest standard as you won’t have to worry about if what you are being taught is correct meaning you may have a better chance at passing your LGV test the first time. This could save you money as you may not have to pay for another course or another test.

At 2 Start we believe it is vital to give everyone the best opportunity possible to pass their course, that’s why most of our instructors are part of the National Register of Instructors. 2 Start remain committed to developing our instructors to achieve the highest level of qualification possible.

National Register of LGV instructor

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