Terrific Triumph: 2 Start Celebrates Success with Exceptional Transport Manager Passes!

Blog 400x300- Terrific Triumph 2 Start Celebrates Success with Exceptional Transport Manager Passes

Becoming a Transport Manager is a challenging, but rewarding process. The amount of learning that goes behind the course is vital to make sure that all who are going to be taking the tests have the in-depth knowledge and training to be able to become a nominated manager of the business they are working for.

Passing this exam is not easy!

The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) UK exams are one of the routes into becoming a nominated Transport Manager. The tests involved are thorough when it comes to the understandings of managing business operations; drivers; compliance and operations.

Each student is expected to fully understand the principles and responsibilities they will have bestowed upon them once they pass the exams. To demonstrate their knowledge & understanding, they must complete and pass both multiple-choice and case studies exams.

Both exams have running total time of 4 ¼ hours. 2 hours for the multiple-choice and 2 ¼ hours for the case study. A 70% pass mark is necessary for the multiple-choice, where as a 50% pass mark is needed for the case study exam.

Well, 2 Start Ltd has gone above and beyond for their students! 2 Start conducted the Transport Manager CPC Road Haulage exams for 9 students in December of 2023, in which of all 16 examinations taken, 15 papers out of the 9 students achieved the pass mark, only 3 exams taken did not meet the pass mark.

2 start celebrates pass rate for transport manager cpc

This made the pass rate in this group 83.3%!

Under the guidance and support of the instructors who conducted the course at 2 Start, Nicky Hanson & Alan Durnin, this class has not only met, but exceeded expectations in their Transport Manager CPC exams. The commitment and hard work displayed by these individuals have helped them to reap the rewards that they truly deserve.

This is an outstanding achievement for our instructors who conducted the training for this course, as they played a pivotal role in shaping the knowledge for the students, so that they were confident heading into their examinations. Their guidance and expertise undoubtedly contributed to this impressive achievement through their delivery of the training.

Now, the students can go ahead and ensure that their fleet they will be managing is staying in accordance to the regulations outlined for logistic road transport.

Well-done Nicky and Alan, and well-done students, a great team effort!

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