Our Top Tips on Dealing With Back Pain as an HGV Driver

Our Top Tips on Dealing With Back Pain as an HGV Driver

Back Care Awareness Week 8th to 12th October

Back pain is an extremely common issue amongst HGV drivers across the world. Strenuous long-distance journeys are made even longer by having to endure the pain of being cooped up for hours on end.  We understand your pain here at 2 Start, so we have put together this guide, giving you our top tips on dealing with back pain as an HGV driver. We will get through this epidemic together!

1. Take regular rest breaks

Although as an HGV driver it can be hard to take rest breaks because of the tight time restrictions you can come under, it is important that you give yourself time to take a break. This time will allow you to stretch your legs and get some movement into your body.

2. Sit comfortably while you’re driving

It is key that you ensure your seating position is as comfortable for you as it can be. Being sat in the same seat, in the same position for hours can have a serious effect on your back pain. So, ensure you find a comfortable seating position. This can be a long process finding the best position for you but, keep trying and eventually, you’ll find the right one for you.

3. Stretch out properly

One way in which you can help sooth back pain is to stretch it out properly. If you stretch properly you can reduce back pain and it can also help you in the future.

4. Adjust your mirrors

By adjusting your mirrors properly, you won’t have to awkwardly twist or stretch constantly to see the road behind you. If you adjust your mirrors to be in your eye line you can avoid putting your body in awkward positions.

5. Use cushions

Vibrations from vehicles are a major cause of back pain for all drivers, especially HGV drivers. One way in which you can reduce the vibration is to use a cushion or pillow to absorb some of the impact on your spine. As well as, keeping the right amount of pressure in your tyres.

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