Paul Burton

Paul Burton

LGV Instructor

Paul joined the Worthing Team in August 2021, and teaches C1(+E) Driver Training; B+E Driver Training; Cat C (+E) Driver Training and C+E Driver Training. Since joining 2 Start, Paul has joined the National Register of LGV Instructors, and has become a 3A & Module 4 tester.

Before becoming an instructor, Paul completed the following:

  • Defence Instructor Assessment and Development coach

  • Police Advanced Driver

  • Police Advanced Driving Instructor

  • Defence Road safety Advisor

  • General Service Defence Conversion Driving Instructor

Paul used to be a train Driver for the London Underground from 1984-1994. Thereafter, Paul joined HMF Army in 1994-2018. Paul has been married for 4 yrs and has a 23 year-old son.

Paul loves his team, his training location and the work & training he conducts!

Pauls’ advice to those looking to train with 2 Start is “Listen, focus and be on time.”