Clinton Steggles

Clinton Steggles

Branch Manager, ADR, Forklift, LGV, PCV, HIAB (ALLMI) Instructor

Clint joined the 2 Start Reading & Theale team in July 2018, and he is the Reading & Theale branch manager. Since joining 2 Start, he has completed training for:

  • ITSASR Forklift instructor/Examiner

  • ALLMI Operator instructor/Examiner

  • ALLMI Slinger signaller instructor/Examiner

  • ADR Instructor ADR Class 1 explosives

  • Instructor module 3A examiner

  • Module 4 examiner

  • CPC Instructor

Clint teaches C1(+E) Driver Training; D1 (+E) Driver Training; B+E Driver Training; Cat C (+E) Driver Training; C+E Driver Training; Driver CPC, Forklift Training; HIAB Training; ADR Training and Rough Terrain Training!

Clint is passionate about his role as an instructor and as a manager. He loves his job and aims to remain at 2 Start. Dell is interested in all aspects of logistics training and is always seeking to do more.

Clint likes national and international rugby (and follows of Bath RFU, his home town!) Clint also enjoys walks with his grandchildren, international holidays and shooting (which he has also been teaching his grandchildren to shoot an air rifle!)

Clint loves the comradeship between the team instructors, and says to those looking to train with 2 Start to “Read the highway code.”


In 2019, Clint first completed his HIAB ALLMI instructor training. This gave him the ability to train others in HIAB training.


Clint passed his ALLMI audit with a 96.2% pass mark! He also received some outstanding comments, from his assessor who said “Clinton is a friendly well-presented instructor with a good knowledge of the industry” he then went on to comment about how the session went saying that it was “a good, informative course”.

Here at 2 Start, we strive towards giving our students the best experience and the best standard of training possible and having knowledgeable instructors like Clint allows us to achieve this.


Clinton smashed his first ADR report by SQA, receiving a Grade 1.

Clint received some outstanding comments from the assessor, who commented that Clint created a “calm, relaxed relationship with the candidates who obviously felt comfortable enough to ask a deluge of questions throughout the day”.

These comments were followed with more positives as Clint created an engaging course using “varied styles of teaching” as well as “a variety of teaching aids to very good effect”.

Overall, the course was described as “An enjoyable day’s training” carried out by a “relaxed, confident instructor”.

The comments received from this report show that having great instructors like Clint allows us to meet our objectives and helps our students get the most from their courses.

Clinton also completed an ALLMI audit this year, scoring an impressive 93.5% out of 100! This up a further 1.5% since his last audit.

Clint received some outstanding comments from his auditor, who said “Clinton is a friendly instructor with good knowledge, which he was keen to share with the candidate”.

Clint gained an improved score from his previous audit, and is a great example of the hard work and effort our instructors dedicate to the training session they complete.