D2 Provisional Licence Application

What is a D2 form?

The D2 licence application form must be completed to get the provisional entitlement to drive the vehicle of your choice as a learner.

Students completing the D2 application form tend to require a provisional licence for a Cat C1, Cat D1, Cat C or Cat C+E provisional licence.

What is a D2 Provisional Licence Application?

One of the first steps into gaining your licence includes completing your driver medical and obtaining your provisional LGV licence. To gain your provisional licence, you will need to complete a D2 application form.

applying for and obtaining your LGV provisional licence, will allow you to begin your practical driver training.

Visit the government website for more info on gaining your provisional LGV licence: https://www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/applying-for-a-bus-or-lorry-provisional-entitlement

How to complete the D2 & D4 forms

If you are looking to complete the D2 application form, our short, helpful video below will guide you through each section of the form and should answer any questions you have about the D2 form.