Category C

LGV level 2 is also referred to as LGV2 or Class 2 historically, but officially known as Category C as this is what will be shown on the drivers licence once they have passed their test, but students should first practice, build their confidence & knowledge with a reputable LGV training company such as 2 Start Ltd in preparation for their final test with a DVSA examiner.

An LGV 2 driver is someone that drives a rigid Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) that can carry weights of more than 3.5-tonne, but the Class 2 Category C licence held by an LGV 2 driver enables them to carry weights typically over 7.5-tonne or more.

Although no maximum weight limit is set, when you pass your Class 2 (LGV2) Category C licence, most rigid lorries will only transport up to 18-tonnes.