DVSA issue advice on repeating CPC Modules within a 5-year rolling period

Driver CPC What does it mean?

In November 2020, the DVSA issued guidance, emphasising that drivers should not repeat the same periodic CPC training module within a 5-year rolling period. If repetition occurred action may be taken against the driver and trainer.

For example:

If you complete a CPC module in 2017, you would not be eligible to complete this same module again until 2022.

However, you may have a reason to re-sit the course such as:

  • Completing refresher training
  • Driver infringements

These exceptions will be identified by 2 Start Training upon booking the course. Once successfully verified with JAUPT as to your reason, you will be allowed to attend the course as planned.

We can help you to avoid this.

If you complete all your modules with 2 Start then we can tell you, when you will need to complete more hours and what you have already done, ensuring no repetition of modules.

If you move from training company to training company to complete your hours and you attempt to re-sit a module within a rolling 5-year period, you may risk your hours being invalidated and fees paid lost.

If you attempt to sit an extra module (more then 35 hours) within a rolling 5-year period, your hours will show up as invalid and you will loose the fee and hours banked for that session.

We won’t be beaten on price.

We know that value for money is as important as great service, particularly in the current economic climate. We are so confident that our prices are competitive that in the unlikely event that you receive a lower written quotation from another company for the same Online or Classroom CPC training, we will match it!  You can be sure we won’t be compromising on training content or quality.

Take a look at the courses we have on offer:

We offer the following modules here at 2 Start Training, which are all regularly verified and approved by JAUPT.

Driver Essentials

By the end of this course, students will be able to answer questions on how long they are legally allowed to drive for, the correct use of a tachograph and be aware of the working limits under the working time directive.

Driving Principles

On completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate a greater awareness of vulnerable road users, operating vehicles within their limits and the penalties that can be issued for noncompliance.

Emergency First Aid & Health and Safety

At the end of this course students will be able to demonstrate what action should be taken when confronted with someone requiring emergency first aid treatment. Students will successfully be able to identify different types of illnesses and provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Smart Motorways

Students will learn the different types of Smart motorways and their safety design features. Signs and signals and the appreciation of how technology enables traffic flow will also be covered. Students will understand how driving attitude affects road safety. They will be able to evaluate the hazards involved in Smart Motorway driving by becoming familiar with the techniques and skills to avoid collisions and understand how weather affects driving conditions.

Vehicle Defects & Driver Licencing

By the end of this course students will be able to identify the types of checks that drivers need to complete on their vehicles. They will also be able to identify the main features of the driver’s licence and understand the licence coding system. Students should also be able to answer questions on safe and fuel-efficient driving and understand techniques involved in reducing fuel consumption.

CPC Course Online 1-Day

CPC Course Online 5-Day

Classroom CPC Course 1-Day*

Classroom CPC Course 5-Day*

*During the current 2021 National Lockdown restrictions, we are currently only offering online CPC Training.  When the lockdown is lifted, we will return to offering classroom-based courses.  We operate a COVID-19-Safe training environment, so you can focus on completing your training.

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