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Homestudy – Road Haulage

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Applicants for a Standard “O” Operators Licence must prove that they are ‘professionally competent’, or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered ‘professionally competent’ by passing the Chartered Institute for Logistics & Transport qualification.

The exam structure comprises of:

  • 2 hour multi-format response (multiple choice, inputting missing information and indicating answers on a diagram if relevant) exam with 40 questions requiring a 70% pass mark
  • 2¼ hour case study exam with 3 case study questions with a total of 20 marks available for each which will require a 50% pass mark. Both exams can contain questions from most areas of the syllabus.
The selected date will be the starting day of this 2-day course.

Additional Information

National and International CPC Course Information

Traffic Commissioner Requirements

Often the Traffic Commissioners frequently requires CPC holders and transport managers update their knowledge. The following course will assist in satisfying that requirement.

“A large number of operators appearing at public inquiry are still ignorant of exactly what is required of a transport manager”
(Richard Turfitt – Traffic Commissioner, Eastern Traffic Area Jan 2011)

This one or two day course is aimed at transport professionals who already possess a CPC National Road Freight/Passenger Transport Operations and whose knowledge requires updating.

The course is designed to provide updated information on recent legislative changes, including the latest drivers’ hours regulations and operator obligations, refresh areas of the key CPC subjects which are vital to effective and compliant transport operations also raising awareness of current best practices.

This course is designed to assist:
  • Transport Managers
  • Transport Staff (Traffic Operators) and Supervisory Staff
  • Consultants and Senior Drivers.
CPC National and International Refresher Courses

The Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 was designed to implement EC Directives 96/26EC and subordinate legislation with regard to the occupation of road haulage and passenger operations.

The regulations state that an operator who seeks a standard National or International Licence MUST satisfy the Licensing Authority that he/she is either professionally competent or employs someone as a transport manager who is professionally competent and is of good repute.

This course has been designed to raise awareness of the Transport Managers’ responsibilities with regard to the demanding requirements of road transport legislation and to help protect your operator’s licence and maintain a healthy Operator Compliance Risk Score.

Operator Licence Compliance

Covering the ongoing management of an Operator licence to assist in:

  • Having a better understanding of the principles underpinning the O Licence System
  • Having a clear understanding of the level of commitment and activity needed to create effective management control systems
  • Being able to clarify requirements to other staff, either superiors or reportees
  • Being in a position to contribute cost effective, practical solutions regarding compliance in this area
  • Understanding how the OCRS system works and how can have a positive effect on this score
  • Knowing where to go for follow-up advice and guidance
  • Understanding their role in and other colleagues’ role in managing the O Licence
  •  Being up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation
Drivers Hours Compliance

Drivers’ hours law including: permitted driving limits; driving breaks rules; daily and weekly rest requirements.
Working Time Directive and Road Transport Directive. We give an overview of the directives: who they affect, what activities constitute working time and how breaks need to be taken

Tachograph Rules (Analogue & Digital) and Record Keeping for Drivers
Companies will need to be familiar with both traditional analogue and digital systems and how to integrate them to avoid falling foul of the regulations. Topics covered include:

  • Analogue Tachographs: trace identification; centre-field requirements; hand written entries
  • Digital tachograph: makes of digital tachograph; Drivers/Company Workshop and Control Cards; operational modes; manual entries; UTC Time; logging on and off; pictograms; using and understanding printouts
  • Mixed Tachograph Work
  • Exemptions – which operations are exempt from tachograph regulations, including Domestic Rules
  • Systems for filing and storage of charts
  • Analogue chart retention
  • Understanding tachograph analysis (if applicable)
Driver Licensing

Advising managers on best practice regarding the frequency of these checks and when to notify the Traffic Commissioner of any infringements committed by vocational licence holders.

Driver Management

Advising managers on best practice regarding driver disciplinary issues.

Maintenance and Traffic Regulations

Offering Transport Managers advice regarding best practice in devising: a daily defect reporting system; maintenance schedules; the recording and monitoring of vehicle inspections and scheduling tachograph calibrations inspections

To book this Transport managers CPC refresher course call the office on 02392 123 555.

Course Reviews

Professional outfit from the Admin Team to the Training Team. All vehicles where in good, clean condition and were either new or relatively recent. Would recommend.

I cannot recommend 2 Start enough! Not only are they friendly, helpful and professional, but they also work miracles! Family and friends mocked me (no spacial awareness, not natural ability to drive, never driven anything bigger than a Toyota Yaris, etc) for even trying to learn to drive a coach. But somehow 2 Start succeeded in getting me not only confidently driving the coach, but also to pass my test in it, after only 7 days!! Hats off to the team - they displayed patience and positivity even at the hairiest of moments! (And mostly managed to avoid female driver related jokes!!). If you need to learn to drive anything big, use 2 Start!


I did a five day CPC training. Loved every minute of it. I am a new operator so this helped me no end. Everything was taught so that we can all understand it. My two teachers were great. They made all of us feel welcome which bought the group together to discuss the topics. Highly recommend 2 Start, plus they are not a broker so the course doesn't cost as much as others.

Why train with 2Start?

  • Study at home – we provide materials.
  • Exams booked at one of our approved examination centre.
  • Revision day included.
  • Phone or email support included.