LGV 2 Professional Package




The Professional package includes the following:

  • D2 licence application and D4 medical forms – The D2 from is to apply for your provisional licence and the D4 is completed by the doctor when you have your medical. Assistance in completing these can also be given.
  • Medical – Booked for you locally at a convenient time.
  • Theory revision issued – A login will be issued so you can start to revise your theory tests on our online revision site.
  • Multiple Choice, Hazard Perception and initial CPC theory tests booked – These will be booked at your local theory test centre at a time convenient to you. These can be booked individually or all 3 together.
  • 5 days driver training including DVSA test – Each days training is 3.5 hours long on a 1:1 ratio with your instructor.
  • Additional Pass Protection – Should you be unsuccessful on your first test you have two additional attempts with 1.5 hours training beforehand.
  • Free ADR or HIAB Training – If the first practical test is successfully passed, you have the option to complete either a HIAB or ADR training course.
  • Practical CPC module 4 – Training at our centre and tested by one of our examiners on the same day.


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Course Info

LGV & HGV Training Course


2 Start Training is a fully approved logistics training centre, we operate and provide our services from four main locations; Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading and Worthing.

We have been providing professional training and support to customers since 2009, helping to make their dream of becoming a LGV driver, a reality. Unlike most companies, we let our learners train in our new automatic LGV / HGV  training vehicles.

Our expert team of instructors, teach learners all aspects of LGV driving and help them through the process step by step, from arranging driver medicals to gaining a licence.

Please note that you will have to completed your LGV 2 before you can move on to learning LGV 1. Please find out more information about the steps involved below:

  • 1) Application Process – Medical
  • 2) Theory Test
  • 3 )Training and Practical
  1. The LGV Application Process

Getting an LGV licence involves several stages and the first process of obtaining the licence is to apply for one. You will need to apply for a provisional entitlement first, you will also have to undergo a medical examination. The driver medical test is very common for most driver courses and is mandatory when applying for a LGV licence.

At 2 Start we help you through every process and our team can arrange an LGV medical with a local practitioner, making the process easy and stress free. Before you attend the medical, you must complete a D4 medical application form.

When you have completed the form, please ensure that you bring it with you to the medical examination. Along with the medical form, you will also need to complete an application form; our team can arrange this for you. We will also send you the form that you will need to send to the DVLA alongside with your current driving licence and the medical form.

  1. LGV Theory Test 

When you have completed your medical examination and have your provisional licence, you will then need to undertake the Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice theory tests. To successfully pass, you will need to answer at least 67/100 answers on the Hazard Perception test. In order to pass the Multiple Choice theory test you will have to correctly answer 85/100 questions.

You need the right tools to pass your theory tests and at 2 Start we have you covered, providing access to an online theory test practice software. It is quick and simple to use and will help you revise for your theory test. We always say if you do not prepare, prepare to fail.

If you passed your driving test before the 1st of January 1997, the good news is that you do not need to sit the CPC  case studies test. For those who passed after this date you will need to sit the CPC training test and this will be done at your local DCA Centre, where the theory tests take place.

  1. Providing Expert LVG Training to Learners

After you have passed your theory test you will be able to move on to practical LGV driver training. We advise and discuss with our customers the best course for them and arrange appropriate measures for them to start learning. We will then enroll you on to a course and these take place during the working week, testing however can be arranged on Saturday or during the week.

Our training sessions are over a period of five days and they start at 7am, 10:30am or 2pm.  You will have a one to one training session with an instructor for a three and a half hour period.

This will give you enough time to go around the different test routes and will give you the time to try the various exercises you will need to learn in order to pass your test. It will also give your instructors a good indication on your strengths and weakness and they will be able to assess if you are ready to take your test.

Possible Test Questions

There are many questions that your examiner could ask you when completing your CAT C test, click on the link below to see which questions you could be asked:

LGV test questions

Read our Reviews

Excellent overall experience, totally professional trainers & service, recommended.


Great instructors, Great service, Great atmosphere ! Highly recommended !


A great school with friendly and experience staff. Good range of vehicles for HGV and FLT training. Nice rooms for classroom based training.


Why train with 2Start?

  • We are constantly investing in our fleet to ensure we continue to provide the best vehicles for our customers.
  • Fully Qualified on the National Register of LGV Instructors.
  • We have hundreds of happy previous customers and currently have a 4.9 rating on Google.
  • It’s easy to say that we are the ‘Premier Driving School’, but the proof is in the facilities offered and the results obtained by our students.

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