Caravan Familiarisation

Our Caravan Familiarisation course has been specifically tailored towards those of you who are new to towing a caravan or for those who have not towed a caravan in a while and require some refresher training. This course will help build confidence for drivers when towing a caravan and will practice reversing manoeuvres and safe driving.

In order to complete this course, you will need to hold the correct licence that you need to tow a caravan or for the caravan that you intend to tow.

Caravan Driver Training

What are the legal requirements when towing a caravan?

It is important that before buying and/or towing a caravan that you have the correct licence to do so. Furthermore, you will also need to have a valid MOT, Tax and insurance for your vehicle, although, you do not need to have an MOT for your caravan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which licence do I need to tow my caravan?

It is common that in order to tow a caravan you will need either a B or B+E licence, however, if the towing vehicle is over 3,500kgs, you will need a C1+E licence.

The date of which you passed your car driving test (B) will affect the vehicle weight and caravan that you are able to tow. The combinations are set out below:

  • If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you are allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination with a MAM of up to 8,250kgs.
  • If you passed your test on or after 1st January 1997, you can drive vehicles with a MAM up to 3,500kgs with a trailer up to 750kgs.

A B+E licence will allow you to drive a vehicle with a MAM of 3,500kgs with a trailer. The weight of the trailer you can tow is dependent on the B+E ‘valid from’ date on the back of your licence. If the date it:

  • Before 19th January 2013, you can tow any size trailer (as long as it weighs less than the vehicle you are towing with).
  • On or after 19th January 2013, you can tow a trailer with a MAM of up to 3,500kgs.


How do I work out the towing capacity of my vehicle?

The maximum weight that you are legally allowed to tow is indicated by the towing capacity of your vehicle. Although the towing capacity may be legally viable to tow, it may not be safe or comfortable to tow at this weight, especially if you are new to caravanning.

The towing capacity will be shown in the handbook of the vehicle or on the VIN plate which can be visible in a number of places on the towing vehicle. To work out the towing weight using the VIN plate, you need to take deduct line one from line two and this will give you the towing limit.

How to find the MTPLM of my caravan?

The MTPLM stands for Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass and is typically listed on a plate near the door frame of the caravan. It can also be found in the owner’s manual.

How should I load my caravan safely?

It is recommended that you should place heavier items such as water and tinned food over the axel. Medium items such as luggage on either end of the caravan and lighter items on the top of the caravan such as blankets and cushions.

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