2 Start Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

The Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team is dedicated to the success of apprentices and employers, on our programmes. This includes a commitment to support apprentices to build skills, knowledge and behaviors that will enable them to thrive within productive, effective and fulfilling roles with their employer.

How will we achieve our Quality Commitment?

1 – By Delivering High Quality Apprenticeship Standards

  • Apprenticeship Standards created through collaboration with employers, market experts, professional bodies, EPAO’s and Apprentices.
  • Providing programmes sequenced in line with knowledge and skills acquisition, employer priorities and planning, to provide learners with the best opportunity to achieve the maximum grade possible.
  • Providing continuous information, advice and guidance (IAG) that facilitates apprentices and employers to select the appropriate standard for them. The IAG will be of such a good quality that apprentices will be encouraged to continually consider the relevance of the materials studied in relation to the practical work environment. Apprentices will be able to plan achieve both short- and long-term goals.
  • Continually reviewing the provision. This review will be completed by triangulating feedback and performance information from all stakeholders.

2 – Delivering High Quality Off the Job (OTJ) Training

  • Collaborating with apprentices and employers to ensure that the most appropriate methods of off the job training are included and recognized by the respective programme. OTJ training will include options for remote delivery and assessment as well as practical and self-directed pieces.
  • Continually assess the use of OTJ training within employers to ensure engagement and commitment within in employers, remains as strong as it is at

2 Start.

  • Working closely with apprentices to tailor OTJ training to their personal objectives, preferred learning style and to their individual potential.
  • Making accessible a wide range of high-quality learning resources to support remote learning.

3 – Coaching and Supporting Apprentices at every step of their journey

  • Providing a safe, tolerant and supportive environment for all stakeholders. This includes providing a culture of safeguarding that develops resilient apprentices, capable of understanding expectations of others who are confident in reporting inappropriate behavior.
  • Providing individualised IAG to all Apprentices that takes account of their individuals starting points and desired destinations.
  • Utilising the sectoral experience of personnel to the benefit of Apprentices and employers.
  • Having a clear and structured approach to pastoral support that identifies and resolves concerns early to prevent them from becoming barriers to achievement.
  • Developing the confidence of apprentices to aim high in their learning and careers.
  • Having a programme of enrichment activities that allow Apprentices to develop outside the academic demands of their apprenticeship.

How will we know we are effective?

The Board of Directors is committed to delivering high quality provision. The Quality Director leads on ensuring the 2 Start Quality is delivered, monitored and continually evaluated.

The Quality KPIs which measure how effectively we are performing against the Quality Commitment are:

  • Retention of apprentices up to EPA
  • Ratio of success in EPA (Achievement Rates)
  • Learner Feedback
  • Employer Feedback
  • Destination Data – understanding what Swift apprentices go on to do after their apprenticeship
  • Observations of Teaching, Learning and Assessment practices
  • Apprenticeship Attainment– the ratio of apprentices that go on to do a higherlevel qualification within 5 years of leaving programme.
  • Ofsted judgements

Quality Foundations

2 Starts approach to quality is underpinned by the Quality Foundations. These are part of everything we do.

The Quality Foundations are:

  • Network

    We create a network that supports Apprentices and stakeholders, to be the best that they can be and to achieve their goals. We cultivate meaningful relationships with partners for the benefit of the provision.

  • Support

    We take a holistic approach to welfare and wellbeing that provides effective safeguarding arrangements and supports Apprentices to be aware of their surroundings and to have high expectations on others behaviour.

  • Impact

    We ensure that every business decision we take increases the impact of our provision or services on our Apprentices, stakeholders, partners or the industry in which we work. This includes our commitment to constantly review the provision.

  • Respect

    We treat all stakeholders with respect.

Monitoring and Review

This commitment was reviewed on 25th January 2023.
The commitment will be reviewed by 24th January 2023.


Date: 25/01/2023

Name: Daisy Udy

Position: Sales Director

Date of next review: By 24/01/2024

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