UK Fuel Shortage – What is being done?

UK Fuel Shortage What is being done

As you are all probably aware of and have been affected by, there has been a drastic increase in the demand for fuel all across the UK which has led to delays, increasing traffic and even more pressure being put on supply chains, which are already weakened by the UK HGV driver shortage.


This increase in the hunt for fuel came as news outlets announced an apparent fuel shortage that was set to hit the UK. This has led to people panic buying fuel, amides the fear that our petrol stations could potentially run out of resources. However, the fuel shortage that had no real evidence of being real has been quickly placed upon us, with many organisations running out of fuel and being forced to close their stores.

This shortage in fuel has highlighted the massive driver shortage and has shed more light on the shortage of ADR qualified drivers. This issue shows the importance of new people entering the industry and the opportunities for people who gain their ADR licence, as drivers are massively in demand all across the UK! Now is the perfect time for you to gain your ADR licence and begin a new career!

The prospect of becoming an HGV driver is becoming more attractive, with increasing pay for HGV drivers, a better variety of options for flexible working and some companies even giving staff the opportunity to complete their training.

What is being done to solve the fuel shortage?

In a bid to stretch out supplies and help as many people as possible, some petrol stations have introduced a £30.00 spending limit per person to stop people from taking more fuel than they need.

Furthermore, the UK has suspended competition law, meaning fuel companies can share more detailed information with each other such as which locations have the lowest fuel levels.

What is being done to solve the ADR & HGV Driver shortages?

In light of the recent fuel shortage, the Government has announced that it is issuing up to 5,000 temporary VISAS to foreign drivers, helping them enter Britain. Additionally, there will be an extra 5,500 temporary VISAS to poultry workers to limit disruption over the Christmas period.

Additionally, training “boot camps” are being set up by the Government to train 3,000 more people to become HGV drivers.

Around 1 million letters are being sent out to those who hold an HGV licence to thank those who are currently driving for their support and to encourage those who are not actively driving to enter back into the industry and help.


How 2 Start are helping

Here at 2 Start Training, we have just added a whole range of new ADR training dates that are available to book online now, with courses running from October 2021 through to the new year. We have courses available to complete at our Portsmouth, Reading & Southampton depot.


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