The first DVSA Customer Test Site Approved at 2 Start Hampshire.

2 Start now have our very own DVSA customer test site available to all our Hampshire customers. This gives our students a major advantage as they can use the facility throughout their course.

Hasn’t everyone got a simulator site?

Unfortunately not. To have a site big enough is rare in our area, as hard standing land is at a premium. Some training centres have been reported to train in unsuitable locations such as muddy fields and truck services as they don’t have access to an exclusive training area. This sort of standard is not acceptable and is unfair on the paying customer.

Can students practice on the approved reversing area?

With this new facility students will be able to practice their reversing on the actual area where they will be testing. On the day of the test, students are able to practice the manoeuvre and then begin the test. A major advantage as no other training providers in the area offer these facilities.

What does this mean to our Hampshire customers?

When completing your driving test, you will now be able to complete the practical element at our DVSA Customer test site with the DVSA examiners coming to us. The DVSA are looking to close a number of testing facilities and have requested training providers to supply test center facilities. 2 Start Training have now taken the initiative to provide an alternative testing facility. Managing Director Paul Moon quoted “We have spent a lot of time and money on what is now an excellent facility for all of our students, we hope this will help secure practical testing in the Hampshire area for years to come.” 2 Start Training are also looking at the possibilities of adding another DVSA customer test site at our Reading depot.

Will the testing be the same?

Yes, the practical test will be the same with the reversing exercise, road drive and coupling and uncoupling procedure where required.

What vehicles can test from the new site?

All of these course are offered by 2 Start Training.

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