Success! JAUPT Audit 2 Start’s Virtual Driver CPC

Virtual Course

Here at 2 start we are proud to have been one of the first companies in the UK to implement and start delivering drivers CPC training via the remote online system. This exemption was allowed by the DVSA in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We recognise the need to continue vital training in our industry to the highest standard possible, whilst maintaining the safety of our staff and students.

On only the second day of these remote deliveries, we were remotely audited by JAUPT for a routine check of compliance and standards. Our Instructor, Joe Vickers was delivering our Driving Principals module and this is what the auditor had to say:

Executive Summary

“A well-constructed training course, appropriately delivered in an online environment by an experienced trainer, who demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject. The course presentation was relevant and suitable, and on occasion the trainer used the presentation to draw illustrations helping to visually reinforce learning points”


Trainer Delivery

“The trainer was knowledgeable about the subjects, he peppered his delivery with suitable anecdotes, often drawing on his own driving experience to add context to learning points.

The course presentation and trainer dialogue were used effectively to enhance the learning experience. The trainer was confident, and he managed the training environment well, including the technology aspect. He demonstrated an enthusiastic and positive attitude to training and Driver CPC throughout.”

We have set up a number of courses which can be delivered remotely over the coming months, and will continue to provide the highest standard of training available. Well done and thank you to our trainers, who continue to do a fantastic job of delivering their teaching to such a high standard.

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