Sterling Efforts From 2 Start After Exceptional Ofsted Report

Sterling Efforts From 2 Start After Exceptional Ofsted Report

Also known as the Office for Standards in Education, children’s services & skills, Ofsted are an organisation who ensure that the education and training of pupils and students are implemented at a high standard. Responsible for inspecting, regulating and reporting schools and businesses who provide training, which betters a individuals’ knowledge and aids in their qualification achievements.

Ofsted are a vital organisation when it comes to maintaining the standards of education for pupils. They are in place to keep educational based businesses and schools in line with curriculums, learning resources and other training procedures, to which include a qualification at the end. Putting standards at the top of priority, it is important that businesses show that their learners and students are getting the proper teaching and understanding of the topics in which they must complete successfully, in order to achieve their grade.

When a new school or training provider is apparent, and when they have been operating for approximately 12 months, Ofsted will conduct an initial inspection. Without grading, this inspection is to check that the provider in question is meeting the basic requirements. This is then formatted into a written report, explaining the practices that are current.

2 Start had an Ofsted initial inspection late November for our Apprenticeships program. Ofsted carried out inspections throughout our Southampton depot over the course of two days. This is where the inspectors spent the time completing their checks through. This is done through observations and questioning the students regarding some of the apprenticeship work they complete through 2 Start.

2 Start began logistics apprenticeships in early 2023

As of the time of the inspection, 2 Start had 20 apprentices on board. 15 completing the Urban Driver level 2 apprenticeships, and another 5 completing either the large goods vehicle (LGV) C+E level 2 apprenticeship or the transport and warehouse operative supervisor level 3 apprenticeship.

RoATP Approved Apprenticeship Provider
Approved Apprenticeships - The Future Is Now

It was established that “Ofsted undertakes to carry out monitoring visits to all newly directly funded providers of apprenticeship training provision funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and/or the apprenticeship levy.”

Nicky Hanson, Paul Moon and Caroline Moon have exerted efforts to assure that 2 Start are staying compliant. Shown by reinforcing the importance of good quality training to all of our apprentices. It was also said that 2 Start are “…aware of the majority of their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders have implemented many appropriate processes to recognise and support continuous improvements”

Accurate and thorough training is given to all students

Whether they be completing an apprenticeship, training for their licence acquisition or any other qualification they need for their job role or career progression.

It was outlined from Ofsted that “Consequently, they have a well-established and highly experienced training team with which to support apprentices.” They also explained that “Apprentices are learning the required knowledge and skills for their chosen careers in the transport and logistics sector.”

The organisation were also satisfied with how we implement the relevant topics for equality, diversity and safeguarding. Explaining that we have started to “…introduce a well-considered personal development programme. Apprentices develop their knowledge and understanding of topics… and how these might apply in the context of logistics and transportation.”

As this was only an initial monitoring visit, we will be expecting another inspection within early 2025. This is where we will get the appropriate grading given by Ofsted themselves.

We thank Nicky, Caroline and Paul for the hard work they have put in. So that apprentices receive excellent training and are confident throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.

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