Our Worthing depot is the perfect location to complete your PASMA training! We have new air-conditioned classroom and warehouse facilities which have only been in operation since the summer of 2019. The facilities available at our Worthing depot are industry-leading and will help make your training more comfortable!

Since opening our new Worthing depot, we have helped numerous students pass their training and gain their PASMA qualifications! Our Worthing depot allows us to help students in the surrounding areas which include Brighton, Littlehampton, Hove, Shoreham and Arundel.

What is PASMA training?

PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association and is a widely-recognised certification in the construction industry. Our PASMA courses revolve around the use of Mobile Access Towers and will teach students how to safely and efficiently operate towers.

PASMA Training Worthing

Why train with 2 start?

New classroom and warehouse facilities.
Show employers that you are qualified and compliant.
Taught by dedicated and qualified instructors.

Which courses can you complete?

We have a variety of PASMA courses that you can choose to complete at our Worthing depot which include:

  • PASMA Low Level Access (equipment under 2.5m of height)
  • PASMA Towers for Users
  • PASMA Combined Tower & Low Level Access (Using equipment from low level to standard access towers)
  • PASMA Work at Height Essentials (Learn information about the use of mobile access towers and the use of all forms of access equipment)
  • PASMA & IPAF Combined Course
  • IPAF 3a, 3b & PASMA Towers & Low Level Access Course

All of our courses will help you achieve your desired PASMA qualification.


If you successfully complete one of our PASMA courses, you will receive a Photocard & Certificate, which will be valid for up to 5-years. Once your certificate has expired, you will be required to complete a refresher course.

If you choose to complete one of our combined PASMA & IPAF courses, you will receive both IPAF & PASMA accredited certification.

PASMA Training Course Duration

The length of your PASMA training course will vary based upon which of our courses you decide to complete. The majority of our PASMA training courses will take 1-day to complete with both of our combined PASMA and IPAF courses taking 2-days to complete.

All of our PASMA courses will ensure that you have the skills and abilities that you need to safely work at heights on Mobile Access Towers and will allow you to gain your PASMA qualification. You will learn how to safely assemble, dismantle and relocate towers.

Course Availability

We have an extensive range of training dates currently available for you to choose from, we are also continuously adding new dates to give you a wider selection to choose from.

Worthing Training Facilities

As previously mentioned, our new Worthing depot opened in the summer of 2019. This means that our students will be trained on new facilities and equipment which includes air-conditioned classrooms and spacious warehouse facilities.

We ensure that our depots are kept in pristine condition and that all of our classrooms and warehouses are kept clean and tidy to ensure a comfortable PASMA training environment for all of our students.

PASMA Training Worthing Facilities

How to Find Us?

Our Worthing depot is located in The Vinery Industrial Estate Unit 54 & 55.