Steven Willett

Steven Willett

Marketing & Website Manager

Steve Joined the marketing team in October 2021 as our trusted website and marketing manager. Steve has gained many and qualifications which helped him get where he is today, including SEHEA business management certification; the fundamentals of digital marketing and Analytics Platform Principles.

Steve has a catalogue of skills. From graphic designing, to website building and Search Engine Optimisation, he has a great knowledge for all things digital. Steve is able to adapt, and is reliable when it comes to finding and implementing the right solution for the task.

Steve has diverse range of hands-on experience with content ideas, campaign management, technical SEO and web development skills.

When Steve is not working hard on keeping 2 Start’s website up to date and building software for the team to use, he enjoys to travel (when money permits), music & mixing with friends. Steve also enjoys gaming, refining his carpentry skills, and enjoys dabbling with server hardware and learning about it’s capabilities.

Steve has picked up the nickname “Rhino” for once lifting two large bags of rubble without any real effort after someone had already tried to lift them and could barley lift one!

Steve loves the variety of tasks at 2 Start, as well as the team and the value he can add if given the chance.

Steve’s advice to anyone looking to train with 2 Start is “Focus and break everything down into manageable chunks.”