On-Site HIAB ALLMI Clamshell training is now available!

HIAB Clamshell Training Truck

2 Start are happy to announce that we are now able to offer both on-site and off-site HIAB ALLMI Clamshell training.

Our team of instructors can provide the HIAB Clamshell training at all our depots, with locations in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading, and Worthing! All HIAB Clamshell training is ALLMI accredited.

The introduction of Clamshell training has been helped by the addition of a new HIAB truck to our fleet, with Managing Director Paul Moon travelling across the country to Middlesbrough to pick up our new vehicle.

What does this mean for our students?

This new addition to our fleet will allow us to offer even more availability and training dates to our already busy HIAB schedule! But the new HIAB truck also brings our students the Clamshell attachment, which to date has only been available to our off-site students using their own Clamshell.

From today this is no longer the case, with our new truck providing our on-site students with the opportunity to train using the Clamshell HIAB attachment which until now has never been available.

Completing one of our Clamshell courses will give students category C4 on their ALLMI cards, allowing them to operate Up to 20tm using a clamshell attachment.

Looking to train specifically for the HIAB Clamshell certification?
Study with 2 Start to become an ALLMI certified HIAB Clamshell operator.

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Alternatively, you can view all our ALLMI HIAB Course options online here:

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