Posted October 16th, 2020

PASMA training is a very specific and precise field of training and can lead to a lot of questions for those of you looking to complete it, such as “how much is PASMA training”. This article will go into more details on everything PASMA and our training prices.

What does PASMA stand for?

PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Associations and is a widely-recognised certification and is commonly used by people in the construction industry as well as painters and decorators.

What is PASMA training?

PASMA training courses revolve around the use of Mobile Access Towers which are commonly used on construction sites. Taking on of our PASMA courses will teach all candidates how to safely and securely operate a Mobile Access Tower, it will also give you all the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your test which can help avoid potential injuries further down the line.

What does training cover?

The contents of your PASMA course will depend on which one of our PASMA training courses you decide to take. We have a variety of courses that will teach you skills such as how to assemble, dismantle and relocate towers, as well as how to work compliantly under the Work at Height Regulations.

How long does training take to complete?

The length of your PASMA course will depend upon which of our courses you decide to complete. The courses we provide and their durations are listed below:

How long is my PASMA certification valid for?

All of the PASMA courses we provide are valid for 5 years.

If you choose to take one of our PASMA training courses, you will be taught all of the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your test and you will learn how to safely assemble, dismantle, transport and operate on a Mobile ACCESS Tower.

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